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Bryn Athyn College ブリンアシン大学ステアズプロジェクトは、多くのスウェーデンボルグの著作を提供しました。カーペンター・ファンドは、スウェーデンボルグのラテン語著作の簡潔とリンク、ヘブライ語とギリシャ語の聖書翻訳のインポートなどをサポートしています。

General Church of the New Jerusalem 新エルサレム教会ジェネラル・チャーチ は、スウェーデンボルグの著作の翻訳の多くを提供しました。

The Lord's New Church ローズ・ニューチャーチは、新しい教会のディレクトリ情報と、スウェーデンボルグの著作の一部の翻訳を使用するための許可を提供しています。

General Conference of the New Church 英国に本拠を置く新教会総会は、このプロジェクトへの財政的支援とその閣僚による説教の使用権を提供しています。

New Church in Australia オーストラリアの新教会は、その牧師による説教の使用権を提供しています。

General Convention of the New Jerusalem 新エルサレム教会コンベンションは, 独自のルンゲリッチ基金を通して数々の説教の取入れを支援しました。

Swedenborg Publishers International スウェーデンボルグ国際出版は、スウェーデンボルグの著作を英語以外の言語で翻訳するための財政的支援を行っています。

Swedenborg Foundation スウェーデンボルグ・ファウンデーションは、ニューセンチュリー版およびその他の翻訳を使用するための権限を提供しています。

Kempton Project ケンプトン・プロジェクトは、スウェーデンボルグの聖書の参考文献に関する有用なデータを提供しています

Swedenborg Society スウェーデンボルグ・ソサエティは、スウェーデンボルグの著作の翻訳を使用する権限を提供しています。

Center for Swedenborgian Studies カリフォルニア・バークレイの、スウェーデンボルグ研究センター はそのアーカイブから聖書の物語を説明するために、説教を提供しました。

New Church Education 新教会教師用の教材は、新教会教育機関によって提供されています。

GrandMan Search Software グランドマン・サーチのウォルター・ワイス氏は、彼と父親のジャン・ワイスが編集した、相互参照と脚注に関する重要なデータを提供しています。

SkyMark Corporation サイトのウェブ開発はスカイマーク・コーポレーションによって行われました。

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A UI Upgrade! 6/26/2019:

We've been making a bunch of code changes so that we can use the latest version of Bootstrap, which one of the best sets of user interface components for the web. You'll probably notice some small changes now, and more coming down the pike, as we take advantage of the new tools.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker... 6/25/2019:

Swedenborg explains the inner meaning of more than 3000 words and phrases from the Bible. We've been trying to build a chain of data, from a word, to its explanation. Last year, we did the easiest layer, but we realized that we'd have to get more sophisticated if we wanted to go further. This year, we're tackling that. We just went through another layer, and matched 100 more concepts. We think we're on a good track. If we can make this happen, it will be a big watershed for the project.

Importing 6/22/2019:

We're in that summer surge of importing translations of Swedenborg's works, trying to get further through the pile of existing translations. So far, so good!

Latin cleanup 6/10/19:

We just linked up one of Swedenborg's Latin works, "Canones Novae Ecclesiae". It's part of our quest to get all of the original texts of Swedenborg's theological works online and linked up.

Canons of the New Church 5/21/19:

We just exported, cleaned, and added links for scripture references and cross references to Whitehead's transation of Canons of the New Church.

The Heavenly City 4/28/19:

We just got permission to use Rev. Lee Woofenden's 1993 translation of Swedenborg's work that's traditionally titled "The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine". This English translation, entitled "The Heavenly City", is very readable.

Search Improvements 4/20/2019:

Search just got faster. We got a chance to tackle some search optimizing, and... the results are great! It's much faster than it has been. You'll also see some related improvements, e.g. being able to bookmark searches, and make notes from inside the search UI.

Apocalipse Revelado (Portuguese) 4/11/2019:

Thanks to some careful work by one of our college student interns, we have a clean copy of Volume 1 of André Figueiredo's translation up online. We're working on corrections to the scanned text of Volume 2 now. (Many thanks, too, to the Swedenborg Library at Bryn Athyn College, for access to the printed work, and the use of its scan/OCR system!)

Last week slow – this week fast 4/5/2019:

Sorry the site was so slow for the past few days. We had three things hit our server at once, and it took us a little while to get it sorted. Part of it was just some overly-greedy indexing from third parties, and in part it was self-inflicted, in that our nice new slider features were loading the system pretty heavily. But we've throttled those indexers, and optimized our own queries, and the server's pretty happy now. So, come on down!

5 New Spanish Translations 3/23/2019:

There are some talented translators around the world, working on Spanish translations of Swedenborg's theological works. We're working with several groups to make those translations available online here, linked to the Word, and cross-referenced to each other. We just posted 5 new ones. They're by Dr. Andres Omar Ayala, a Paraguayan Bible scholar, and they're of some of Swedenborg's shorter posthumous works. Here's the master page where you can see what all Swedenborg translations we have in the system now, and filter by language.

"Bible Slider" gets Related Verses 3/16/2019:

New, from NCBS, a frog button. Huh? Well, we just added a whole bunch of data on pairs of related verses in the Bible. You'll find those links on a brand new tab on the "Bible slider". We needed an icon that expressed "jump" or "link" or "relate", and... the frog sort of jumped out at us. Many thanks to Cristoph Romhild, German pastor and Bible scholar, for putting the data together, and for giving us permission to use it.

"Swedenborg Slider" gets Parallel Passages 3/16/2019:

40 years ago, New Christian scholars worked on a project to collect "parallel passages" in Swedenborg's theological works. There are a lot of them... more than 2800 pairs. For years, we've wanted to add these to the New Christian Bible Study site, and we finally got a chance to tackle it. If you're reading one of Swedenborg's books, and you click on the "Study this Passage" button, you'll see parallel passages, to go along with the inbound references. Here's a link to a sample passage.

A Brand New "Swedenborg Slider" 3/14/2019:

We just deployed another major new feature to the site. For short, we're calling it the "Swedenborg slider". If you're reading a section from one of Swedenborg's theological works, you can slide out a panel that shows you any "inbound links", either from a cross-reference, or from any other author who links to that section. It's pretty nice! Check it out.

New "Bible Slider" features 3/11/2019:

We just posted some nice updates to our Bible slider. To see an example, go to Genesis 4 and click the "Study the Inner Meaning" button. The sliding pane has two tabs now, one with related links from Swedenborg's works, and the other with links from other commentators - including video Bible studies, illustrated explanations, some audio sermons, and more.

More Zulu and Czech! 2/19/2019:

We just posted another chunk of Zulu translation of Arcana Coelestia (the sections from Volume 2), AND the first volume of the same work in Czech, Tajemství nebe (Heger překlad). This is pretty important; Swedenborg's explorations of the Bible's inner meaning underpin all the rest of his theology; so... if you want to do Bible Study in Zulu, or Czech, or any other language, it's a good thing to have Arcana Coelestia accessible!

Plus, while we had our brains attuned to Czech, we added a translation of the first section of Pravé křesťanství (Máchová překlad), which is True Christian Religion.

AC Vol 1 in Zulu 2/1/2019:

We just imported our first Zulu translation of Swedenborg's works. Here's a link to Arcana Coelestia Volume 1 in Zulu.

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