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Bryn Athyn College Das Projekt STAIRSdes 5000_Bryn Athyn College stellt viele Texte der Swedenborg-Werke zur Verfügung. Der Carpenter Fund hat die Überarbeiung und die Verknüpfung von Swedenborgs lateinischen Werken ermöglicht, die Bereitstellung der hebräischen und griechischen Bibelübersetzungen und vieles mehr.

General Church of the New Jerusalem Die General Kirche des Neuen Jerusalem hat die Erlaubnis zur Verfügung gestellt, viele seiner Übersetzungen von Swedenborgs Werke zu verwenden.

General Conference of the New Church Die General Konferenz der New Church mit Sitz in Großbritannien hat die finanzielle Unterstützung für das Projekt zur Verfügung gestellt und die Rechte gewährt, Predigten durch ihre Pastoren zu verwenden.

New Church in Australia Die New Kirche in Australia hat die Rechte zur Verfügung gestellt, Predigten durch ihre Pastoren zu verwenden.

General Convention of the New Jerusalem Die General Konvention des Neuen Jerusalem hat durch ihre Iungerich Stiftung dafür gesorgt, dass Hunderte von Predigten zur Verfügung gestellt wurden.

Swedenborg Publishers International Swedenborg Publishers International hat finanzielle Unterstützung geleistet für die Bereitstellung von nicht-englischen Übersetzungen der Swedenborg-Werke.

Swedenborg Foundation Die Swedenborg Foundation hat Berechtigungen erteil, New Century Edition und andere Übersetzungen zu verwenden.

Kempton Project Die Kempton Project hat nützliche Daten über Swedenborgs Schriftstellen zur Verfügung gestellt

Swedenborg Society Die Swedenborg Society hat Berechtigungen erteilt, Übersetzungen der Swedenborg-Werke zu verwenden.

Center for Swedenborgian Studies Die Center für Swedenborgian Studies in Berkeley, Kalifornien hat aus ihren Archiven Predigten zur Verfügung gestellt, in denen Geschichten aus der Bibel erklärt werden.

Pittsburgh Society of the New Church Die neue Christian Bible Study-Projekt wurde unter der Schirmherrschaft der Pittsburgh Gesellschaft der Neuen Kirche gestartet.

New Church Education Materialien für Pädagogen der Neuen Kirche werden von New Kirche Education zur Verfügung gestellt.

GrandMan Search Software Walter Weiss, von GrandMan Search, lieferte Schlüsseldaten über die Querverweise und Fußnoten, die er und sein Vater, der verstorbene Jan Weiss, zusammengestellt haben.

SkyMark Corporation Die Web-Entwicklung wurde von SkyMark Corporation geleistet

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Neues aus dem Projekt

More Dutch translation of Arcana Coelestia July 2, 2020:

We've been bringing you installments of the new Dutch translation of Arcana Coelestia. Here's the latest: explanations of the meanings of Exodus chapters 1-20. Here's a link: Hemelse Verborgenheden in Genesis en Exodus.

Apocalypse Explained (and hyperlinked!) June 30, 2020:

In Swedenborg's draft work explaining the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation, he makes an astounding 14,500+ scripture references, plus 10,000 more cross references. That means, of course, that hyperlinking is really useful. Here's the most recent English translation, done in 1952, by Tansley, courtesy of the Swedenborg Society in the UK. We've been at pains to hyperlink it. It's not perfect, but it's good enough to have online. Here's a link to Apocalypse Explained.

New Czech translation: Manželská láska! June 29, 2020:

We just added a translation of parts of Swedenborg's work on marriage. The original 1768 Latin work was entitled "De Amore Conjugialis", and it's been typically titled "Congugial Love" or "Marriage Love" in English translations. Here's a link: Manželská láska.

Judges. Explained! June 24, 2020:

We've just posted chapter-level commentaries on the deeper meaning of the Book of Judges. They're really helpful, showing the relevance of these old, old stories to our new, new lives. Here's a link: Exploring the Meaning of Judges 1.

Joshua. Explained. May 21, 2020:

We've finished chapter summaries for the whole Book of Joshua! Many thanks to Rev. Julian Duckworth for doing that research and writing. Here's a link to chapter 1: Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 1. When you have a Bible chapter and its summary open side by side, they're yoked together, so you can use the "next" button to read right on through. And, stay tuned for summaries of the Book of Judges.

Japanese translation of Conjugial Love - Updated! May 18, 2020:

We just got (and processed) a long-hoped-for update to the Japanese translation of "Conjugial Love", courtesy of our good friends at Arcana Press in Japan. There's a lot more coming in that pipeline, too.

Now, English... Elliott AC Updates May 17, 2020:

We've just done a pass through the text of John Elliott's masterful English translation of "Arcana Coelestia", to associate the Genesis chapter text with the correct section numbers, and de-tangle some footnotes. That's been on our list for a LONG time; it's nice to check it off!

Now, Zulu... here's Izimfihlakalo Zezulu Volume 5 May 12, 2020:

We've just processed and imported "Arcana Coelestia" in Zulu. Just for fun, trying reading it aloud! It's a seriously cool language. Here's a link.

On a Korean Roll... here's 요한 계시록 풀이 May 12, 2020:

We've just posted a cleaned-up translation of "Apocalypse Revealed", or 요한 계시록 풀이, in Korean.

New Version of 새 예루살렘 그리고 그곳의 교리 May 11, 2020:

We've just posted a cleaned-up translation of "The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine", or 새 예루살렘 그리고 그곳의 교리, in Korean.

Streamlining the UI April 23, 2020:

We're streamlining the site's user interface, so that new Bible studiers can find what they're looking with fewer menus to look through. For our longtime readers, it may take a little getting used to! We hope you like it. Tell us what you like and don't like, and what's on your wish list.

Divine Love - in Dutch April 13, 2020:

There's a short work, entitled "De Divino Amore" in Latin, or Divine Love. Swedenborg wrote it as a draft for a later work. He didn't publish it, but it still serves as a brief-ish outline on the subject. Here's a brand new Dutch translation of it: Over de Goddelijke Liefde

More Insights into Joshua April 13, 2020:

For those of you who have been reading the Book of Joshua... there's more! We've added 4 more explanations of its inner meaning, from Rev. Julian Duckworth. Here's a link to chapter 9: Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 9

Site Traffic Soars 3/28/20:

Is it a spiritual awakening? Has the coronavirus pandemic gotten people to start thinking about what's most important in their lives? We don't know. But traffic is way up.

More on the Book of Joshua 3/28/20:

Get more out of reading the Book of Joshua. We've just added explanations of chapters 5-9: Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 5

A Serbian User Interface March 27, 2020:

Here's a brand new thing: a Serbian user interface!.

Some Encouragement from Helen Keller 3/25/2020:

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved." - Helen Keller

offTheLeftEye Talks Coronavirus 3/24/20:

Our friends at offTheLeftEye did a coronavirus-related show on their youtube channel last night. It's a friendly, helpful conversation with the usual thought-provoking ideas. Here are some places where we connect to it:

Matthew 6: Follow the link, click "Study the Inner Meaning", and use the Video tab on the sliding pane.

Heaven and Hell 281, Secrets of Heaven 8478, The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem 114, and Secrets of Heaven 1392. Follow the links, and when you're reading, click the "Study this Passage" button, and then use the Video tab on the sliding pane.

Why are these two chapters unusual? 3/23/20:

Partway through his super-detailed commentary on Genesis and Exodus, Swedenborg took a detour into the New Testament, and explained the internal meaning of two chapters in the Gospel of Matthew - chapters 24 and 25. It's interesting to see this. By extension, it helps us to better understand the rest of gospels. We've gathered up the links you'll need, and put them into the chapter summaries, for Matthew 24 and 25.

A ninth translation in Chinese! 3/20/20:

We just posted a translation of Swedenborg's work, "The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine", into Chinese. Take a look: 新耶路撒冷及其天堂教义

Russian UI 3/18/20:

We just rolled out an updated Russian User Interface. Thanks to Theo!

No, not THIS apocalypse 3/17/20:

We posted a brand-new Chinese translation of Swedenborg's "Apocalypse Revealed". It's got nothing to do with coronavirus! However, it IS an interesting look at the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation, and if you happen to be a Chinese reader, well... it was written in Latin 250+ years ago, and it's been available in many translations - but not in Chinese, until... now!
Here's a link: 破解啟示錄

Quick Start Guide 3/12/20:

While we're in helpful document mode, here's a new Quick Start Guide in .pdf format, designed to help new site visitors get a sense of what all's here and how it works.

Search Tips Guide 3/11/20:

We've put together a new Search Tips Guide in .pdf format. Searching is an interesting challenge, where most of the time users want it to be simple and fast - but then occasionally they want it to be very specific. We're always trying to accommodate the whole range of needs. This document should be pretty useful for times when you want help with a tricky search!

A translation wave... 3/6/20:

We've now translated our 295 spiritual topic articles into 14 languages. We've been working on a way to integrate the best machine translation tools into our system, so we get decent output. This is the first large-scale rollout of it. It should be pretty useful!

For the world's Spanish speaking Christians... 3/5/20:

Courtesy of our friends at SPI, we've just posted a new Spanish translation of "Doctrina de la Nueva Jerusalén Acerca de la Fe", (or, in English, The Doctrine of the New Jersualem Regarding Faith).

An interesting thought for the day... 3/5/20:

"In short we can say today that man is far too clever to be able to survive without wisdom.... The exclusion of wisdom from economics, science, and technology was something which we could perhaps get away with for a little while, as long as we were relatively unsuccessful; but now that we have become very successful, the problem of spiritual and moral truth moves into the central position." (E.F. Schumacher, from his book, "Small is Beautiful", in 1973.)

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