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Bryn Athyn College O projeto STAIRS de Bryn Athyn College forneceu grande parte do texto das obras de Swedenborg. O Fundo Carpenter tem apoiado a revisão e a vinculação de obras latinas de Swedenborg, a importação de traduções da Bíblia em hebraico e grego, e muito mais.

General Church of the New Jerusalem A General Church of The New Jerusalem concedeu permissão para usar muitas das suas traduções de obras de Swedenborg.

The Lord's New Church A Lord's New Church forneceu informações do diretório New Church e permissões para usar algumas traduções das obras de Swedenborg.

General Conference of the New Church A General Conference of the New Church, baseada no Reino Unido, tem fornecido apoio financeiro ao projeto e os direitos de usar os sermões de seus ministros.

New Church in Australia A New Church na Austrália concedeu os direitos de usar os sermões de seus ministros.

General Convention of the New Jerusalem A General Convention of the New Jerusalem, através do seu Fundo Iungerich, forneceu suporte para a importação de centenas de sermões.

Swedenborg Publishers International A Swedenborg Publishers International forneceu apoio financeiro para a importação de traduções de inglês das obras de Swedenborg.

Swedenborg Foundation A Swedenborg Foundation concedeu permissões para usar a New Century Edition e outras traduções.

Kempton Project O Kempton Project forneceu dados úteis sobre referências bíblicas de Swedenborg

Swedenborg Society A Swedenborg Society concedeu permissões para usar traduções de obras de Swedenborg.

Center for Swedenborgian Studies O Center for Swedenborgian Studies em Berkeley, Califórnia, tem proporcionado sermões de seus arquivos para explicar histórias da Bíblia.

Pittsburgh Society of the New Church O Projeto New Christian Bible Study foi iniciado sob os auspícios da Pittsburgh Society of the New Church.

New Church Education Matérias para educadores da Nova Igreja estão sendo fornecidas por New Church Education.

GrandMan Search Software Walter Weiss, do GrandMan Search, forneceu dados essenciais sobre as referências cruzadas e as notas de rodapé que ele e seu pai, o falecido Jan Weiss, compilaram.

SkyMark Corporation O desenvolvimento do site foi feito por SkyMark Corporation.

Notícias do projeto:

More translations coming online! July 29, 2022:

Here's what's new this week:

What do Bible words stand for? July 22, 2022:

When you're reading the Bible, it starts to become clear that some of the words must have deeper meaning. Why 12 apostles, 12 gates to the city New Jerusalem, and 12 tribes of the Children of Israel? Why bread, wine, oil, and water, mentioned again and again? These words correspond to spiritual things. We've just updated our "word meanings" hub page, so it's easier to find things, and browse, and learn what you would like to know. Here's a link to the new hub!

Big week for translations: More Portuguese! July 22, 2022:

Here's another nice result from our cooperative work with HDPF: A modern translation of "Apocalipse Revelado". If you're one of the world's 200+ million Portuguese speakers, here's your chance to learn about the deep symbolism in the Bible. Here's a link.

Here's a new Malayalam translation of "The White Horse" July 22, 2022:

Rev. Peter Devassy has finished yet another translation of one of Swedenborg's works, "The White Horse". It's a brief-ish description of how the symbolism in the Bible works. Here's a link.

How about a new Spanish version of "The Interaction between the Soul and Body"? July 20, 2022:

HDPF has collaborated with us on a new Spanish translation, "La interacción del alma y el cuerpo". Here's a link.

Spanish and Portuguese... July 12, 2022:

One of the cool things about working in 2022 is that the machine translation tools have gotten so good. Not perfect, but... really helpful. The same goes for scan/OCR tools. A couple of years ago, we scanned a old-but-good printed translation of "Apocalipse Revelado" in Portuguese, corrected it, and got it online. The Portuguese-speaking team in Brazil has just updated the first half of it, so we just re-made the links and deployed it. Here's a link to it. So, that was good.

AND then, the Spanish-speaking team wanted a jump-start machine translation of it that they could use. So... a couple of hours later, with hard work by computers, we had the Portuguese-to-Spanish translation ready for them to edit. While they're editing it, here's the machine translated version as a useful placeholder.

And... here's another new Chinese translation July 12, 2022:

The Chinese-speaking team has turned out yet another translation of one of Swedenborg's works - this time of "Worlds in Space". They've almost finished translating all of Swedenborg's published works. That's impressive! Here's a link.

Divine Love and Wisdom: now in Mayalalam July 12, 2022:

We just got a chance to work on Rev. Peter Devassy's recent translation of "Divine Love and Wisdom". It's all set to go now, and here's a link to it!

Secrets of Heaven, New Century Edition, Volume 3 is live! June 30, 2022:

People have been asking when the next volume of the New Century Edition translation of "Arcana Coelestia" will be available. And, now it is! We got the text from the NCE team at the Swedenborg Foundation earlier this week, and we finished processing it late yesterday. It's good to go. The new sections start at #1886. Here is a link to it.

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