Our Friends and Partners

Bryn Athyn College Our friends atBryn Athyn College provided the text of Swedenborg's Latin works and many English translations, from the STAIRS project. The college's Carpenter Fund has supported the cleaning and linking of Swedenborg's Latin works, the import of Hebrew and Greek Bible translations, and more. The Swedenborg Library has helped scan and OCR some translations from its archives.

General Church of the New Jerusalem The General Church of the New Jerusalem has provided permission to use many of its translations of Swedenborg's works, and its Canadian affiliate, the General Church in Canada, has provided support for importing translations in French, Spanish, and other languages, and for developing a smartphone app.

The Lord's New Church The Lord's New Church has provided financial support, New Church directory information, translation support, and permissions to use their existing translations of Swedenborg's works.

General Conference of the New Church The General Conference of the New Church, based in the UK, has provided financial support to the project, and the rights to use sermons by its ministers. The Scottish Association of the New Church has joined the General Conference in this support.

New Church in Australia The New Church in Australasia has provided financial support to the project, as well as the rights to use sermons by its ministers, and other resources.

General Convention of the New Jerusalem The General Convention of the New Jerusalem, through its Iungerich Fund, has supported the importing of hundreds of sermons, and the New Century Edition translation of Arcana Coelestia. Also, the Bayside Swedenborgian Church has provided permissions to use many resources from its online archives.

Swedenborg Publishers International Swedenborg Publishers International has consistently provided financial support for importing translations of Swedenborg's works in many languages.

Swedenborg Foundation The Swedenborg Foundation has provided permissions to use New Century Edition and other translations of Swedenborg's works, and friendly consults on Latin and other interesting questions.

Kempton Project The Kempton Project has provided useful data on Swedenborg's scriptural references, and links to scans of Latin editions, and many helpful insights.

Swedenborg Society The Swedenborg Society has provided permissions to use its translations of Swedenborg's works.

Center for Swedenborgian Studies The Center for Swedenborgian Studies in Berkeley, California, has provided sermons from its archives to explain Bible stories.

Pittsburgh Society of the New Church The New Christian Bible Study Project was started under the auspices of the Pittsburgh Society of the New Church.

New Church Education Some New Church educators' materials have been provided by General Church Education.

GrandMan Search Software Walter Weiss, one of the developers of GrandMan Search, supplied key data on cross-references and footnotes that he and the late Jan Weiss had compiled.

SkyMark Corporation Web development for the site has been done by SkyMark Corporation.

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Project News:

AC Vol 1 in Zulu 2/1/2019:

We just imported our first Zulu translation of Swedenborg's works. Here's a link to Arcana Coelestia Volume 1 in Zulu.

Heaven and Hell in Serbian 1/31/2019:

We just pushed up a linked-up Serbian translation of Heaven and Hell, "Nebo i Pakao". If you have Serbian-speaking friends who are interested in spiritual life, send them the link!

TCR in Russian 1/10/2019:

Dostoevsky read Swedenborg. Tolstoy read Swedenborg.

If you're a Russian-speaker and you want to read Swedenborg... we're trying to make it easier than ever. We just added a Russian translation of True Christian Religion - take a look: Истинная Христианская Религия

TCR in Croatian 12/26/2018:

For our friends in Croatia, here's a link to a newly imported translation of True Christian Religion, or Istinska Kršćanska Religija. This was Swedenborg's capstone work - a systematic theology - published in 1771. Many thanks to The Lord's New Church for their permission to use this translation online.

3 New Translations 12/4/2018:

We just had a chance to process/import 3 translations of Swedenborg's theological works from Rev. N. Bruce Rogers - Doctrine of the Lord, Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture, and Doctrine of Life. These works were really important in establishing a Biblical basis for the New Christian doctrine that Swedenborg was writing about.

Divine Wisdom in Dutch 11/22/2018:

Swedenborg wrote (but didn't publish) a short work entitled "De Divina Sapientia", or "The Divine Wisdom" in English. It was a precursor to "Divine Love and Wisdom", and it's not a polished work - but it IS interesting. Here's a link to "De Goddelijke Wijsheid", a Dutch translation by Anton Zelling, modernized by Guus Janssens in 2007, and linked to the Bible and others of Swedenborg's works today!

AC in Swedish! 11/21/2018:

Swedenborg wrote his theological works in Latin, so they could be widely read by the thought-leaders of his day. But, we're guessing that he'd be delighted to see them translated into his native Swedish. Here's the first piece we have of Swedenborg's biggest work, Arcana Caelestia, in Swedish. It provides insight into the inner meaning of Genesis 18-22, or Första Moseboken 18–22.

German UI 11/19/2018:

We just deployed an updated German user interface, thanks to one of our bilingual volunteer "friends of the project". So... with a UI, Bible translations, and 16 translations of Swedenborg's works in our system, German's getting to be a well-supported language for us - right up there with English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech. It's good!

L'Apocalypse Révélée 10/18/2018:

We just posted a French translation of Apocalypse Revealed, L'Apocalypse Révélée, with hyperlinks to scripture references. It's still a little rough in places, with some errors left from the scanning process, but... it's up there, and ready to help French-speakers figure out the inner spiritual meaning of John's apocalyptic visions.

More Bible Word Mapping 10/9/018:

We're starting to ripple the symbolic meanings of Bible words into Dutch and German; the first batches of matched words just got posted over the weekend. Lots more to do, but this rippling process is working, and that's good!

Russian and Georgian UI 10/8/2018:

Thanks to our wonderful bilingual volunteers, we were able to deploy updates to our Russian and Georgian interfaces.

Japanese UI 10/1/2018:

We've just deployed a Japanese user interface. That makes 12 UIs so far, so New Christian ideas are becoming available to something like 4 billion people.

See more project news.