Наши пријатељи и партнери

Bryn Athyn College Наши пријатељи на Брин Етин Колеџу (Bryn Athyn College) обезбедили су текстове Сведенборгових дела на латинском и мноштво енглеских превода из пројекта STAIRS. Карпентеров Фонд (Carpenter Fund) Колеџа подржао је чишћење и повезивање Сведенборгових латинских дела, уношење хебрејског и грчког превода Библије и још много тога. Сведенборгова Библиотека (Swedenborg Library) помогла је скенирање и коректуру неких преводе из својих архива.

General Church of the New Jerusalem General Church of the New Jerusalem обезбедила је дозволу за коришћење многих од својих превода дела Сведенборга, а њена канадска подружница, General Church у Канади, пружила је подршку за за укључивање превода на француски, шпански и друге језике, као и за развој апликација за паметне телефоне.

The Lord's New Church Lord's New Church пружила је финансијску подршку, информације из директоријума Нове Цркве, подршку за превођење и дозволе за коришћење постојећих превода дела Сведенборга.

General Conference of the New Church General Conference of the New Church, са седиштем у Великој Британији, пружила је финансијску подршку пројекту и права на употребу проповеди њених свештеника. The Scottish Association придружила се General Conference у овој подршци.

New Church in Australia New Church in Australasia пружила је финансијску подршку пројекту, као и права на коришћење проповеди својих свештеника и других ресурса.

General Convention of the New Jerusalem General Convention of the New Jerusalem је кроз свој Јунгерич Фонд (Iungerich Fund) подржала укључивање стотина проповеди и New Century издање превода Небеских тајни (Arcana Coelestia). Такође, Bayside Swedenborgian Church пружила је дозволе за коришћење многих ресурса из својих онлајн архива.

Swedenborg Publishers International Swedenborg Publishers International доследно је пружaлa финансијску подршку за укључивање превода Сведенборгових дела на више језика.

Swedenborg Foundation Swedenborg Foundation обезбедила је дозволе за коришћење издања New Century Edition и друге преводе Сведенборгових дела, као и пријатељске савете у вези са латинским и друга занимљива питања.

Kempton Project Кempton Project пружио је корисне податке о библијским референцама Сведенборга и линкове до скенова латинских издања и бројне корисне увиде.

Swedenborg Society Swedenborg Society је дало дозволе за употребу својих превода дела Сведенборга.

Center for Swedenborgian Studies Center for Swedenborgain Studies у Берклију, Калифорнија уступио је проповеди из својих архива за објашњење библијских прича.

Pittsburgh Society of the New Church Пројекат проучавања нове хришћанске Библије започет је под покровитељством Питсбуршког Друштва Нове Цркве (Pittsburgh Society of the New Church). .

New Church Education Неке од материјала предавача Нове Цркве обезбедила је General Church Education.

GrandMan Search Software Волтер Вајс (Walter Weiss), један од програмера GrandMan претраге, доставио је кључне податке о унакрсним референцама и фуснотама које су саставили он и покојни Јан Вајс (Jan Weiss).

SkyMark Corporation Развој веба за сајт урадила је ? SkyMark Corporation .

Новости о пројекту:

"Economy of the Animal Kingdom", from 1740-1741

May 16, 2022:

This work is another major scientific work of Swedenborg's that encompasses anatomy, philosophy and theology. It was published anonymously by Swedenborg in London and Amsterdam. The traditional English title's translation is misleading, since "de anima humana" means the human soul. In this work, Swedenborg is considering where and how the human soul has its "seat" in the human body, and how it operates (its economy). He considers first the heart and the circulatory system, and then the brain and the nervous system. One suggested translation for the title has been "Dynamics of the Soul's Domain". Here's a link to Clissold's English translation from the Latin (for logged-in users).

"Rational Psychology" from 1742 - Way ahead of its time!

May 12, 2022:

We've just processed and imported one of Swedenborg's later scientific works, "Pyschologia rationalis". He was well into his theological explorations, too, at this point in his career, looking for the seat of the human soul in the body. It's interesting to see what the state of the art was in Psychology at the time, and you get a sense of Swedenborg's growing conviction of the connections between the brain (and body), the soul, and spiritual realities. Here's a link (for logged-in users).

Czech Book: Genesis 7

May 7, 2022:

Here's the latest installment of Heger's Czech translation of Arcana Coelestia, where Swedenborg describes the inner meaning of the story of "Noah and the Ark". It's an ancient sacred story, packed with spiritual meaning. And, here it is in Czech!

Doctrine about the Lord, in Chinese

April 26, 2022:

What does the Bible tell us about the nature of the Lord? People have been thinking about this, and trying to understand it, for a very long time. In this short(ish) work, you'll find the New Christian teachings about it. And now, we've just added a 14th language - Chinese - to our collection of translations. Here is a link to it.

New: Bible Book Summaries

April 19, 2022:

We're starting to add Bible book summaries, so that people who are relatively new to the Bible can get a better bird's-eye view of it, and how it works. When you click on the Bible link, choose a translation, and then a book, you get a popup window with a choice of chapter numbers. Below the chapter buttons, there's now a "Book Summary" button (for the first 8 books so far -- more coming)!

The Deep Meaning of Luke's Gospel

April 8, 2022:

Here's commentary on the last two chapters of Luke's Gospel, from Ray and Star Silverman. This is really important truth for all of us. Here are the links to Luke 23 and Luke 24.

Here's Luke 22 commentary!

April 7, 2022:

Here's the very latest commentary from Ray and Star Silverman for Luke 22. This is perfect timing, as we come up to Palm Sunday and then Easter.

The Chinese translation team finishes "Secrets of Heaven"!

April 6, 2022:

We just posted the last piece of 属天的奥秘, or Secrets of Heaven, in Chinese. That means that more than a billion new people can now get deep insights into the inner meaning of the books of Genesis and Exodus, and by extension, the whole of the Word. It's a monumental achievement to make a new translation of this work; it takes 12 thick volumes in English. It's great work by the Chinese-speaking translation team. Here's a link to it on our site, all ready for action.

A Guide to the Psalms - Complete!

April 5, 2022:

One of our longstanding drives is to have good modern commentary for every chapter in the Word. That way, readers can read the literal text, and then have access to some thoughtful considerations about its deeper layers of meaning. This is a really important task, and we are deeply grateful to Rev. Julian Duckworth for his careful, inspiring, thought-provoking explanations of the Psalms. All 150 of them. Here's the last one, finished today!

Latin. Grammar.

March 31, 2022:

If those two words in close proximity don't strike fear into your heart, then... maybe you took Spanish in high school instead. Seriously... Swedenborg (like all the scholarly people in his day) wrote his theological works in Latin. They've been translated into many languages. Each translator has to wrestle with the best way to express Swedenborg's words and meaning. It helps if they can see the various places where Swedenborg uses a particular word or phrase. Many moons ago (what's 32 times 13?) some very smart New Christian Latinists and programmers got together and made a Latin grammar searching application called NeoSearch. Remember Hypercard? It started out as a Hypercard stack. Then it was built as a Mac application. After a couple of versions, it languished for a while. Then, in 2016, it was wrapped with a web front-end. Now, we've rebuilt it pretty thoroughly, and integrated it with the main body of Latin texts. It will be easier to maintain and extend, and it's sort of friendly-looking, so... maybe it will help with the Latin renaissance. Here's a link to it.

Apocalypsis Explicata. (That's Latin).

March 30, 2022:

Once upon a time, Emanuel Swedenborg sat down and wrote a 6-volume explanation of the Book of Revelation. He wrote in Latin, with a quill pen. Probably a lot of quill pens. The work was entitled "Apocalypsis Explicata".

Swedenborg was a great student of the Bible. He had recently published an even larger work, "Arcana Coelestia", in which he described the inner spiritual meanings of the Books of Genesis and Exodus. As Swedenborg was nearing the end of this new work, getting ready to explain Revelation chapter 20, he stopped. He left the work in manuscript. Later, he came back to this topic, and wrote and published a 2-volume work, "Apocalypsis Revelata". Years later, the manuscript of AE was typeset and published posthumously. We've had a version of this Latin text online for quite a while, but we hadn't yet linked up the references. Now we have. There are more than 14,000 Bible references! Here's a link to it.

Huge progress in Japanese!

February 28, 2022:

We just finished processing 7 more volumes of "Arcana Coelestia", or "天界の秘義" in Japanese. Many thanks to our good friends in the New Church of Japan and at Arcana Press for the permission to use this translation, and for their help in getting us up the learning curve in Japanese!

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