Lesen Sie die Bibel und erkennen Sie die neue christliche Perspektive in seiner ihrer inneren Bedeutung.

Wege durch spirituelle Themen:

Human beings have been given two key abilities - rational minds, and spiritual freedom. If we develop our rationality, we can use our freedom well. So... it's important for us to understand spiritual truths, like the ones linked here.

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Was lehrt die Bibel über Ehe und Familie? Und was sind die entsprechenden neuchristlichen Lehren?

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Für jeden von uns gibt es einen Weg, der in die richtige Richtung führt, und er steht uns offen. Wenn wir ihm folgen, geben wir dem Herrn die Möglichkeit, eine neue, gute Liebe in unseren Herzen wachsen zu lassen, und schließlich wird unsere leitende Liebe eine Liebe zum Herrn und zum Nächsten sein, und wir werden das Heil annehmen.

Bitte erkunden Sie es!

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A nice mother-daughter hug.

Daily and Yearly Preparation for Heaven

In this video Bible Study talk, Jonathan Rose draws truths from the Word that help us walk the talk of spiritual progress.


The risen Jesus appears to the disciples in the upper room

Two Meetings in Jerusalem after the Resurrection

The Lord appeared - suddenly - to his disciples who had gathered in an upper room, on the evening after his resurrection. What happened?


An illustration from the Miraculous Draft of Fishes, by J. James Tissot, between 1886 and 1896.

The Breakfast by the Sea of Galilee

A few days after Jesus's resurrection, 7 of his disciples have returned to Galilee. In this story, they go fishing, and catch nothing until Jesus appears to them, standing on the shore, and tells them to fish on the right side of the boat.


Feed my lambs and Feed my sheep

An After-Breakfast Conversation

In this story, at the very end of the Gospel of John, Jesus quizzes Peter in the well-known - but curious - 'Feed my Lambs' conversation. Then He tells seven disciples a short parable, and finally damps down a flash of competitiveness between the disciples.




The Lord wants us to be happy. Really, lastingly happy. From John 15:11: "I have told you these things so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete." So... how do we get there from here?


Flight of a Honeybee

Finding Jesus in the Life of Abraham, Part 1: Beginnings

Jehovah tells Abraham to leave his home, and to journey "to a place I will show you". This story - which takes place right at the beginning of the historical part of the Bible - contains truths at several levels. Abraham lived thousands of years before Jesus, yet the events of his life represent the inner life that Jesus would experience. When we can see this connection we will be better able to understand the Lord, and how to model our lives on His.