Terms of Use

The New Christian Bible Study Project is a project of the New Christian Bible Study Corporation (NCBS), 299 Le Roi Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, USA. It is intended for public use online on the worldwide web. The web application uses this domain:

www.newchristianbiblestudy.org (hereinafter referred to as "the site").

The site contains a substantial amount of textual, image, and multimedia content. The rights to use this content vary with the specific content, and are summarized as follows:

Bible text: There are many translations of the Bible that may be used on the site. Some of these translations are in the public domain, but others are not. For each translation, a Copyright/Attribution notice is provided on the web page that is displayed after a user selects a particular Bible translation. All intellectual property rights are reserved by their respective owners, for each translation. In the cases where a translation is not in the public domain, we have received the necessary permission to use the Bible translations for this use only. Anyone wishing to use any non-public-domain translation in any other way must contact the copyright owners for the appropriate permissions. Scraping of public domain Bible texts is not permitted. If you are interested in using a public domain text, please contact us, and we will refer you to a source for it.

Text of Swedenborg's works: There are multiple translations of the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg which are contained in the site. The addition of further translations in more languages is planned. Much of the textual data in Latin and English was provided by, and used with the permission of, the STAIRS (Swedenborg Theological Archive and Information Retrieval System) Project, a longtime research and publishing project of the Academy of the New Church. All rights to the data are reserved.

Text of explanations: The text of the written explanations of Bible stories, Bible verses, Bible concepts, words and phrases, doctrinal or spiritual topics, and other non-Bible, non-Swedenborg pages is copyrighted by NCBS or by the original authors, except where specific exceptions are noted in individual pages. The rights to use the text on the site have been granted by those owners. Any further use is prohibited.

Videos: The site contains links to videos. Videos may be contained within the site itself, or served to the user from online sources, such as YouTube. The video contents are copyrighted by their authors or publishers, except where specific exceptions are noted in individual cases. All rights to them are reserved.

Images: The site contains images. The majority of the images have been sourced from online sites, e.g. Wikimedia Commons. Their use is governed by the license terms presented in the source site. For example, anyone wishing to use one of the images from Wikimedia Commons should find the image on the Wikimedia Commons site, and use it according to the Wikimedia Commons terms of use. Other images on the site are copyrighted by their respective owners, and have been used with the owner's permission. All rights to those images are reserved, and further use is prohibited without the express permission of the copyright owner.

Other terms and disclosures: This site uses a tool which collects your requests for pages and may pass elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines. The information sent in this way is limited to the addresses of pages which have been requested, and will not include any IP addresses, email addresses, or any other information which can be associated with any specific visitor to the site.

The New Christian Bible Study Project has been undertaken with the intent to help advance the understanding of the Bible in the world today. Clearly, not everyone agrees that there is a God at all, and even for those who do, there are many ways of trying to seek truth, and live good lives. We offer this New Christian perspective as one that can help make a better world. It's a perspective that has been around for over 200 years, and that has been widely influential - in ending slavery, in increasing the rights for and respect of women, in supporting marriage, and families, and in a modern view of a theistic science, where science and religion make sense together.

The site's use is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States of America.