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Project News:

"DLW in Spanish" November 30, 2021:

"Sabiduría Angélica Sobre El Divino Amor y La Divina Sabiduría" - that's the Spanish title of the newest translation in our online library. ¡Aquí y ahora!

Video Search Hub November 12, 2021:

We've just deployed a new "videos hub". We've gathered data on close to 1200 videos from New Christian producers, and brought it together in one place – a searchable clearinghouse. When the videos refer to Bible verses, we make links, so we will be able to offer readers videos that are relevant to what they're reading. Should be fun and useful - check it out here!

Vera Religione Cristiana October 29, 2021:

We've imported and linked up the first half of an Italian translation of True Christian Religion. It was translated by Loreto Scocia in 1880, and it's being updated by our friends at Fondazione Swedenborg.

Psalms 90-99! October 22, 2021:

We have posted brand new commentary for Psalms 90-99.

Luke 8 and 9! October 13, 2021:

Here's brand new commentary for Luke chapter 8 and chapter 9.

More Luke to Like: Chapter 7! October 6, 2021:

Ray Silverman has just finished his commentary for Luke chapter 7. Here's the link to the chapter and the explanation. There's a lot of food for thought here!

Volume 10(!) of Secrets of Heaven in Chinese October 1, 2021:

We're really pleased to be publishing volume 10 of Swedenborg's "Arcana Coelestia", in Chinese. It explains the inner meaning of chapters 13-21 of Exodus. Here's a link.

Speed has doubled! And traffic has topped a half-million visits per month for the first time! September 23, 2021:

Search engines like fast pages, and our pages weren't fast enough. So, we did another sprint to solve that, and it worked! Site speed has doubled since early August, even while traffic's been growing fast. And, speaking of traffic... for the first time ever, yesterday, we logged more than 500,000 visits in a 30 day period. That is pretty cool! There's a looong way to go before we play in the biggest leagues of Bible study sites, but we're up and coming.

Time flies when you're having fun... September 23, 2021:

Happy autumn, everyone. How did that happen already? Summer was way too short! Lots of news; we'll cram it into one post here.
- We imported a translation of "Gesprekken Met Engelen", or "Conversations with Angels" in Dutch. Our international translator community is really productive!
- We also added "Divine Providence" in Malayalam, a language of southwest India. Again, we're lucky/grateful to have such productive translators working in so many places.
- Our "Swedenborg Thesaurus" is growing, and we've been making it more user friendly. It's still mostly intended for translators, but... hey, if you're feeling studious, check it out on the Research Tools page.
- Advanced Search has handy new options for sorting search results.
- We've added an easier way for visitors/readers to ask questions. (Now, of course, we need more volunteer question-answerers! If that's you, get in touch...)
- We've made big improvements to the hub pages for spiritual topics and Bible stories. They're fast, they're more informative, and much more searchable.
- Reading plans have been getting some tender loving care. The whole UI is better, and we're adding multi-lingual versions rapidly.

And... the first web-based Bible translation in Mara! August 27, 2021:

Mara. A language of Southeast Asia. We knew nothing about it until one of the Mara translators wrote to us, asking if we would be willing to help get their new Mara Bible translation online. One of our big goals is to make the Word accessible to everyone, so we devoted a little time to it, and... here it is!

How about a new Indonesian Bible? August 27, 2021:

There are 200 million Indonesian speakers in the world, so we're really pleased to be adding this Indonesian Bible translation (Alkitab bahasa Indonesia) to our offerings. It currently includes the whole New Testament, and 6 Old Testament books.

ഡിവൈൻ പ്രൊവിഡൻസ്. Divine Providence, in Malayalam. August 27, 2021:

Here is a brand new title in Malayalam that will help you understand how God operates in the universe and in your life.

Heaven and Hell, a new Chinese translation: 天堂与地狱. August 20, 2021:

我们死后会去什么地方吗?史威登堡将灵性世界描述为一个真实存在的 "地方",它在一个与物质世界不同的层面上运行. 这里有一个链接.

Think Japan. Olympics. Gardens. Theology. August 12, 2021:

We've just imported two more of Swedenborg's works, in Japanese translations. One is about the real nature of charity, 仁愛 . The other is a critique of traditional Christian thinking about the trinity, and a suggested new understanding of the true nature of God. Here's a link to it, too: アタナシオス信条.

The Gospel of Luke. Explained. Chapters 3-6! August 7, 2021:

We're pleased to bring you Ray Silverman's commentary for Luke chapters 3-6, hot off his keyboard. Here's the link to Chapter 3. These are really good.

More for Chinese readers... August 5, 2021:

We just posted a brand new translation of volume 9 of Swedenborg's "Arcana Coelestia", in Chinese. This translation project is moving fast! Here's a link.

Now, on to Malayalam... July 29, 2021:

For the 37 million Malayalam speakers of the world, here's the first ever translation of Swedenborg's work, "The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine", or "നവയെരുശലേമും അതിന്റെ സ്വർഗ്ഗീയ ഉപദേശവും", an overview of New Christian thought with many Bible references. Here's a link!

Back to Chinese! July 26, 2021:

Here's a new translation of Swedenborg's short work on the interaction between the soul and the body. In Chinese, it's titled "灵魂与身体的相互作用", and here's a link!

More Zulu! July 21, 2021:

We just posted another set of Swedenborg's Genesis exegesis, translated into Zulu by our friends in South Africa. Here's a link to the beginning of the new sections of "Izimfihlakalo Zezulu ", translated by Zamokhule T. Zungu.

While we're in Japanese-mode... July 14, 2021:

Here's a link to a new-to-us translation of "An Appendix to The White Horse". It's really interesting; it seems to have been a draft of a letter, perhaps to the Royal Academy of Science. Was it ever sent? We don't know. But you can sure sense how important it is to Swedenborg that people should be able to know about the correspondences between natural and spiritual things.

A new Japanese translation! July 13, 2021:

Here's a newly updated version of Tatsuya Nagashima's translation of "The White Horse", or "De Equo Albo", as Swedenborg published it in Latin, way back in 1758. Here's a link to it!

Doctrine regarding the Sacred Scripture, in Malayalam July 5, 2021:

We just added another new Malayalam translation, വിശുദ്ധ തിരുവെഴുത്തുകളുടെ ഉപദേശം, of Swedenborg's 1763 work on the nature of the Bible - how it really is holy, and how its literal stories contain an inner meaning, too. This translation, from English into Malayalam, was done by Peter Devassy. Here's a link to it!

Now 8 out of 12... June 15, 2021

Here's volume 8 of Arcana Coelestia, or "属天的奥秘", translated into Chinese, online and linked up!

Bible Stories - New Hub June 1, 2021:

Now, here's a link to our new Bible stories hub page. Like the topics page, it's faster, better-looking, and makes searching and filtering easier.

Spiritual Topics - New Hub May 20, 2021:

We've been doing a user interface sweep, streamlining, speeding things up, and making things beautiful. Here's a link to our new spiritual topics hub page. You can see more, and search faster. Hope you like it!

Psalms 70-75 May 12, 2021:

We just put up new commentaries for six more Psalms, from Rev. Julian Duckworth. If you read the Psalms side by side with these insights, it really helps you see more.

Faster pages! May 10, 2021:

We just finished a little Bible page speedup project, with very good results. Now, you can read and study and build a better life even faster! Seriously, we hope you'll like it.

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