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A Chilean gaucho herds sheep in this 2008 photo by Vera Donk.

Other sheepfolds

Seven times, Jesus says things like, "I am the vine", or "I am the bread of life". What if someone isn't a Christian? What then?

light connection

The Veil was Torn in Two

When Jesus died on the cross, the veil of the temple in Jerusalem was "rent in twain" from top to bottom. It was a watershed event in spiritual history.

Big Wooden Cross On Green Grass Field Under The White Clouds

A Ransom for Many - What can that mean?

Some of the old ways of thinking about this are... wrong!

Moses and the Burning Bush

I am

Jehovah once calls Himself "I AM". It's one of the Bible's deepest statements about the nature of God.

Cherry Blossom

What really happened at Easter?

What does the New Church teach about Easter? It's a short question, but it involves a big network of connected ideas. It can't be answered right in a sound bite, so bear with me…

A nice mother-daughter hug.

Outbound Love

It's nice to be loved. What about the reverse?


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Pathways through Spiritual Topics:

The events of Easter weekend, 2000 years ago, rocked the world. What really happened? What's it mean for us?


Human beings have been given two key abilities - rational minds, and spiritual freedom. If we develop our rationality, we can use our freedom well. So... it's important for us to understand spiritual truths, like the ones linked here.


For each of us, there's a path heading in the right direction, and it's open for us to follow. If we follow it, we will allow the Lord to grow new, good, loves in our hearts, and - in the end - our guiding love will be a love to the Lord, and the neighbor, and we will accept salvation.


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