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"Valley Pasture," painted by Robert Seldon Duncanson in 1857, hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. Duncanson - the descendant of freed slaves -  was a member of the Hudson Valley school of artists.

The 23rd Psalm

There's the valley of the shadow of death to get through. The Lord will help us with that. And there are green pastures and good water ahead. We should fear no evil.

Christ driving the money-changers from the temple

Jesus Cleanses the Temple

In this story, on the Monday after Palm Sunday, Jesus re-enters Jerusalem, goes to the temple, and drives out the moneychangers and people who were selling animals for sacrifices. He overturns tables, and takes a whip, and uses it to clean out the temple. So, what's this story about for us?

Before entering Jerusalem for the last time, Jesus wept over its future. This painting by Enrique Simonet, is called "Flevit super Illam", the Latin for "He Wept Over It". It is in the Museum of Malaga.

Weeping at Easter

Jesus, looking out over Jerusalem, wept over the city. Why?


Thoughts Spurred by the Coronavirus Plague

We keep saying that the things we learn in the Bible can help us in our everyday lives. So, what do we do about the coronavirus plague?

The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the Resurrection

Easter Morning - The Disciples at the Tomb

In the Easter story, in the Gospel of John, Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb first, on the Sunday morning. She sees that the stone has been rolled away from where it was sealing Jesus's tomb, and that Jesus's body is not there.

Fresco of the Sermon on the Mount

The Beatitudes

The opening phrases of the Sermon on the Mount hold some of the Bible’s most beautiful and best-loved poetry. It's inspiring, and yet not clear... what does it mean for us?


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Pathways through Spiritual Topics:

For each of us, there's a path heading in the right direction, and it's open for us to follow. If we follow it, we will allow the Lord to grow new, good, loves in our hearts, and - in the end - our guiding love will be a love to the Lord, and the neighbor, and we will accept salvation.


Human beings have been given two key abilities - rational minds, and spiritual freedom. If we develop our rationality, we can use our freedom well. So... it's important for us to understand spiritual truths, like the ones linked here.


Is the Bible really the Word of God? For thousands of years, it's been preserved, and read, and appreciated. What do we know about it? How do we approach it?


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