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Growing Together

Newness of Life

Here's a Bible Study Class, on video, on the Newness of Life. What the Bible calls newness of life is not just a matter of changing our behaviors but of gaining a new heart and a new spirit. This is a good think to soak up as 2018 gets started.


Sunlight in a dark forest

The End is the New Beginning

We use a calendar that has 12 months and 365 days in it. As it nears December 31st, we feel as though something is getting close to an end, and yet on January 1st it feels like a new beginning.


Why did Jesus come to earth as a baby?

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth as a Baby?

Could there be reasons for the humble, vulnerable beginnings of Jesus’s life? Let's explore how the Divine design may have been at play from the very beginning of Christ's life.


Mary, By Henry Ossawa Tanner

The Betrothal

"A virgin, betrothed to a man..." In this short phrase, there is a very important set of truths. We hope you'll enjoy this Christmas doctrinal class by Rev. Andrew M.T. Dibb.


The Annunciation, 1898. By Henry Ossawa Tanner. Public Domain, Located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You Shall Bear a Son

In this wonderful Bible story, the Lord sends an angel, Gabriel, to tell Mary that she will be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah.


The Annunciation to the Shepherds, By Henry Ossawa Tanner

Shepherds in the Fields

One of the most significant events in human history is the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Savior of humanity. It is notable that besides Mary and Joseph, shepherds were the only people invited to visit Jesus on the night of his birth. Why only shepherds? What is the spiritual significance of the shepherds?


Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. A painting by Richard J. Cook, whose work may be seen at

The Birth of Jesus

In the Bible story of Jesus being born in Bethlehem, His birth on earth represents His birth in our hearts. His birth in us is the creation of unselfish love in our hearts.


Pray hard.

Worrying About the Future

Consider the simple faith expressed in this psalm to the Lord. A confidence that evil will be punished and that good will always prevail. The future is bright. There is no need to worry.


Three layers of meaning; A single light soap bubble photograph by Pashminu, from Wikimedia Commons.

Correspondence between Spiritual and Natural Levels

There's a correspondence between things that exist at different levels of being. The Word was written based on these correspondences.


Meaning of the Four Horsemen

The Meaning of the Book of Revelation: the Four Horsemen

What do these horses, and their riders, represent? What do they have to do with us, today? Watch as Curtis Childs and Jonathan Rose explore the hidden Bible meaning of the Four Horsemen in the Book of Revelation, in this video from the Swedenborg and Life Series, from the Swedenborg Foundation.


The Valley of the Dry Bones

New Beginnings

The story of Ezekiel's vision of a valley filled with dry bones is, in the internal sense, a story about how we can be given new spiritual life.


A day in the life of an angel


In the Bible, there are quite a few stories about angels. Angels visit Abraham and Lot. An angel blocks Balaam's path. The angel Gabriel visits Mary and Joseph. There are other stories, too. So, what about angels? What does the New Christian Church teach about them?