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The Lord

Is there a God? If not, what would that mean for us? If so, what does THAT mean for us? Doctrine (structured thinking) about the Lord is one of the main things we need to have, if we're to understand how to live our lives. Let's take a look at this fundamental subject.

About God (The Lord)

What is God like? What sort of being could create and sustain the universe? From atoms to parsecs. For billions of years. And ... why?

263 - A God Near at Hand

To contemplate the qualities of God is mind-boggling, and then to realize that God cares for us individually and is intimately present in our lives is also astounding.

271 - How the Lord Communicates

The Lord communicates indirectly, in order to give us the freedom to opt in.

Having Faith in the Lord

What can we learn about faith from one of the Lord's first disciples, Simon Peter?

The Most Important Teachings About the Lord

Maybe it's obvious, but... one of the key things for a true understanding of life, the universe, and everything (hat tip to Douglas Adams) is to think hard and learn as much as you can about the nature of God. Here's a list that will spur your thinking.

Holy Spirit

New Christian teaching regards the Holy Spirit as a force, or activity, coming from God -- not a separate being. This aligns with our everyday understanding of "spirit" as the projection of someone's personality.

The Son

Christians have puzzled over the nature of Jesus Christ since the beginning of the Christian church. The Lord, in His bodily form as Jesus Christ, is frequently referred to in the Bible as the Son of God and the Son of Man, and occasionally as the Son of Mary. What's the New Christian thinking on this subject?

138 - Decoding the "Father," "Son," and "Holy Spirit"

In this Bible study, we try to read Scripture from an angelic rather than earthly perspective to decipher what the Trinity is and why it is discussed the way it is in the Bible.