Инструменты исследования Сведенборга

Это сборник научных инструментов включает в себя переводы Библии, которые были использованы Сведенборгом, а также другие материалы, пригодные для углубленного изучения.

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  • Searle's Index - This General Index to Swedenborg's Scripture Quotations was complied by Hodson Searle and published in 1883.

  • Le Boys des Guay's Index of Scripture Quotations: Index général des passages de la divine parole cités dans les Écrits d'Emmanuel Swedenborg - complied by Sieur Jean François Étienne Le Boys des Guays and published in 1859.

  • Index Verborum, Nominum et Rerum in Arcanis Coelestibus (Index to the Words, Names, and Things in the Arcana Caelestia) - This index was finished in by Swedenborg in 1756, but it wasn't published until 1815, in London, by John Augustus Tulk, Esq.

  • Словарь терминов, используемых Сведенборгом - This glossary containing the meaning of specific terms and phrases used by Emanuel Swedenborg in his theological works was originally compiled by John Stuart Bogg in 1915. Here's a link to the Glossary of Terms tool we created. You can search/sort and see excerpts and linked references as well.

  • Related Passages in Swedenborg's Writings - Swedenborgian scholars have been interested in "parallel passages" in his works. Freya Fitzpatrick, a Swedenborgian Latin scholar, compiled this list from several sources, and provided it to us. We've pulled the data into our main database, and augmented the structure to allow for other types of relationships, e.g. contrasting, or topical. Here's a link to that page: Related Passages Spreadsheet.

  • Memorable Occurrences in Swedenborg's Writings - This List of Memorable Occurrences in Swedenborg's Writings was originally complied by W. C. Henderson in 1960 but has since been updated.

  • NeoSearch - NeoSearch is a Latin study tool designed to help people search Swedenborg's published Latin theological works, with the very cool ability to find all the instances of a specific grammatical usage.

Scans of Printed Editions of Swedenborg's Works in the Original Latin

Swedenborg's Study Bibles

  • Van der Hooght/Schmidius Biblia Hebraica (1740) - Swedenborg's primary study Bible. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Schmidt Bible (1696 Edition), in Latin, Part 1 of 2 (with Swedenborg's handwritten annotations) - Swedenborg made many annotations in his copy of the 1696 Schmidius Latin Bible, probably when doing doctrinal study. This scan includes those marginal handwritten notes. More information at baysidechurch.org.

  • Schmidt Bible (1696 Edition), in Latin, Part 2 of 2 (with Swedenborg's handwritten annotations) - More information at baysidechurch.org.

  • The Schmidius Marginalia - In this book, Swedenborg's handwritten Latin annotations in the margins of his Schmidius Bible (1696 Latin Edition) have been translated into English typescript. It includes expository material from his Bible Index. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • 1697 Schmidius Bible - This Bible edition came a year later than the 1696 edition that Swedenborg used, so it's very close. It's useful for research in the books of the Bible that Swedenborg did not annotate. Sometimes he quotes or alludes to verses in those books, and it can be useful to know what Schmidt's wording is. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Castellio Bible (scans) - The Castellio Bible in Latin, translated by Sebastian Castellio (in French, Sébastien Châteillon), was sometimes used by Swedenborg as a reference. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Castellio Bible (photographs) - The Castellio bible on dfg-viewer.de

  • Tremellius Bible - The Tremellius Bible in Latin, translated by Immanuel Tremellius. In latter parts of his work The Word Explained, when Swedenborg refers to another translator, it is usually to Tremellius. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

Swedenborg's Early Theological Studies

Other Tools

Protestant and Catholic Documents to which Swedenborg Refers

Just for ease of reference, here are links to some Protestant and Catholic church documents that Swedenborg used as sources for his arguments that the Christian church had made serious doctrinal errors.

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Новости проекта:

Joshua Explained 2/18/20:

How in the world does the Book of Joshua have anything to say about my life today?
Well... it's a good question. And the reason we're highlighting it is that Rev. Julian Duckworth is exploring its inner meaning in a series of essays, one per chapter. So far, we have 4 essays, and they'll keep coming over the next couple of months. Here's a link to the first one: Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 1

Multilingual UI's 2/13/20:

1. It's like breakfast cereal: It's new! Improved! Our Czech user interface is both of those. And it's a good way to start your day, too. Here's what it looks like: newchristianbiblestudy.org/cs

2. Or, it's like laundry detergent: It's new! Improved! This time we're talking about an update to our Portuguese UI. It's been updated by friends of the project in Brazil, and... like spiritual laundry detergent, it will help you find ways to get nice clean truth. Here's what it looks like: newchristianbiblestudy.org/pt

Version 2.8 of our NCBS app 2/5/20:

We just finished the latest iOS and Android versions of the NCBS app. It's a traveler's handy Writings read/search program, for use when you don't have web access. If you're interested in using it, contact us!

Getting More Multilingual! 2/4/20:

In January, we focused on translating a bunch of things: Spiritual topics, Bible story explanations, reading plan names and descriptions, pathway names and descriptions, and more of the UI text. We're using two neural machine translation (AI) engines (from DeepL and Google) to help, and we're getting really good results.

Chinese AC Progress 1/27/20:

We just marked up and imported 2500 more sections of the fast-developing Chinese translation of Arcana Coelestia, so... it's about 1/3 of the way now, and moving quickly.

An Index to AE 1/6/20:

When he was working through the process of writing "Apocalypse Revealed", Swedenborg compiled an index. He didn't publish it, but it survived among his papers and manuscripts, and it's a really useful reference. Here it is, online and linked up!

More from offTheLeftEye 12/31/19:

We've been helping the creators of the popular youtube channel, offTheLeftEye with database support. As part of that partnership, we cross-link their videos to the text of the Bible, and to Swedenborg's works. So, if you're reading along in the Bible, and there's a related video, you'll see it on the Bible slider pane. 300 of their videos have been fully cross-indexed now by a team of volunteers, with around 400 more to go.

Record traffic! 11/26/2019:

In the last month, we've set new web traffic records again. More than 264,000 visitors have come to the site this month, up 26% from this time last year.

More Dutch & Japanese 11/25/2019:

We've been on a roll, in importing both Dutch and Japanese translations. The roll continues; here are links to:
1) A Dutch translation by Anton Zelling of Swedenborg's little work, Coronis, "Coronis - Aanhangsel tot Ware Christelijke Godsdienst".
2) A Japanese translation by Tatsuya Nagashima, of "Divine Providence": 神の摂理
That's 20 translations in Dutch, now, and 6 in Japanese.

Divine Providence in Dutch 11/21/2019:

We just imported another Dutch translation, by Henk Weevers, of Swedenborg's work on Divine Providence. It's all linked up to scripture references and cross references. Here's a link: Gods Voorzienigheid

People are finding us! 11/7/2019:

We just topped the 250,000 visits/month mark.

Another Japanese translation! 11/7/2019:

It's morning in Japan, as we post this, so... if you're a Japanese reader waking up and wanting to read some reassuring things about the afterlife, here's a link to a translation of Heaven and Hell.

Conjugial Love in Dutch 11/6/2019:

Here's a link to a new Dutch translation by Henk Weevers, of Swedenborg's work "Conjugial Love", on the powerful potential for true love in marriage: Echtelijke Liefde

The Moment Is Now 11/5/2019:

Our friends at the Swedenborg Foundation have recently published The Moment Is Now - Carl Bernhard Wadström’s Revolutionary Voice on Human Trafficking and the Abolition of the African Slave Trade.

To learn more about how this book sheds light on the life and thought of Emanuel Swedenborg and the impact his thought has had on others, visit The Moment Is Now product page.

Japanese Kougo Bible 10/16/2019:

We just imported a new-to-us Japanese Bible translation. It's more complete than the other version we have on the site, so Japanese speakers will have a much better chance of finding what they are looking for! Here's a link: Japanese Kougo (Colloquial) Version.

Divine Love and Wisdom in Korean 10/7/2019:

We just posted a nice cleanup/update to the Korean translation of Divine Love and Wisdom, courtesy of YoungHee. Here's a link to it: 하나님의 사랑과 하나님의 지혜. We now have 10 translations of Swedenborg's works online in Korean, and the Korean UI is in good shape, too, so... we've got good momentum there.

Even More Bible Highlighting: Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, Russian 9/26/2019:

Our "matching machine" has just added 1108 new matched words in Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, and Russian. We're highlighting those words for Bible readers. We're now wanting to find bilingual people in those languages who can review a list of "maybe matched" words, too, so... if you can help, get in touch!

More Bible Word Highlighting: Portuguese and German 9/24/2019:

We just ran our German and Portuguese Bible translations through our "matching machine" and can now reliably highlight 863 more words (in many thousands of occurrences!) in those languages. There are a bunch more words that are "maybes" -- if you speak German or Portuguese, and have time to look through a list, get in touch!.

More Izimfihlakalo Zezulu 9/22/2019:

We just added the linked-up text of Volume 4 of Dr. Z. T. Zungu's translation of Arcana Coelestia into Zulu. Many thanks to our friends in the General Church of the New Jerusalem in South Africa for their permission to use this text! If you haven't seen Zulu yet, take a look; it's a beautiful language. Here's a link.

Highlighting: Italian and Spanish Bible words 9/19/2019:

We fed our Italian and Spanish Bible translations into our new "matching machine", and added 800+ new terms with defined symbolic meanings that we're highlighting in the text. We'd welcome help from Spanish and/or Italian-speaking volunteers to help look over a list of "maybe match" words.

Four Doctrines updated in Korean 9/12/2019:

We've just deployed nice updates to the Korean translations of Swedenborg's works regarding Faith, Life, the Lord, and the Sacred Scripture, thanks to some hard work by YoungHee. Here's a "link". It makes these translations a lot more readable.

Word/Phrase Highlighting: Report 9/9/2019::

We've been working hard on a more advanced, more accurate way of highlighting words in the Bible text that have symbolic meaning at deeper levels. Readers are going to start seeing the fruits of that. We just added 1611 new English terms, and updated 627 more. Next up is French. Stay tuned! If this method works, we'll be able to do every language that has spaces between words -- so we'll have to find another way to achieve highlighting in Japanese and Chinese.

Korean UI Upgrade 9/2/2019:

Of course it's no good having Korean translations online if you can't read the website they're on. We've just deployed a big update to our Korean UI text, too, thanks to some hard work by Woon Jeong. Here's a "link". When, for each language we try to support, we can combine a good UI, a good Bible translation, good translations of Swedenborg's works, and good explanations of stories, chapters, topics, words, etc., then we're really cooking.

A Korean Translation of True Christian Religion 9/2/2019:

We just posted a Korean translation of Swedenborg's capstone theological work, True Christian Religion. Here's a link: "참된 기독교 ". Many thanks to Rev. Yang for his permission to use it, and to HyunJin and YoungHee for their hard work in editing and marking up the text. For our thousands of Korean readers, this is important progress!

A Dutch Translation of Arcana Coelestia 9/2/2019:

We just finished importing Henk Weevers' Dutch translation, "De hemelse Verborgenheden die in de Heilige Schrift of het Woord van de Heer". Many thanks to our friends in the Netherlands for their permission to use this, and for their great labor of translation. Also, special thanks to Ellie for sticking to the task of making thousands of edits to the markup. This translation goes up to section 6626, so far, out of 10083 sections, so there will be more to come... but for Dutch readers, this is already a huge milestone in being able to see into the inner meaning of the Bible.

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