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Tato sbírka studijních pomůcek zahrnuje biblické překlady, které byly používány Swedenborgem, stejně jako další materiály užitečné pro hloubkové studium.

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  • Index Verborum, Nominum et Rerum in Arcanis Coelestibus (Index to the Words, Names, and Things in the Arcana Caelestia) - This index was finished in by Swedenborg in 1756, but it wasn't published until 1815, in Ldonon, by John Augustus Tulk, Esq.

  • Slovník pojmů používaných Emanuelem Swedenborgem - This glossary containing the meaning of specific terms and phrases used by Emanuel Swedenborg in his theological works was originally compiled by John Stuart Bogg in 1915. Here's a link to the Glossary of Terms tool we created. You can search/sort and see excerpts and linked references as well.

  • Related Passages in Swedenborg's Writings - Swedenborgian scholars have been interested in "parallel passages" in his works. Freya Fitzpatrick, a Swedenborgian Latin scholar, compiled this list from several sources, and provided it to us. We've pulled the data into our main database, and augmented the structure to allow for other types of relationships, e.g. contrasting, or topical. Here's a link to that page: Related Passages Spreadsheet.

  • Memorable Occurrences in Swedenborg's Writings - This List of Memorable Occurrences in Swedenborg's Writings was originally complied by W. C. Henderson in 1960 but has since been updated.

  • NeoSearch - NeoSearch is a Latin study tool designed to help people search Swedenborg's published Latin theological works, with the very cool ability to find all the instances of a specific grammatical usage.

Scans of Printed Editions of Swedenborg's Works in the Original Latin

Swedenborg's Study Bibles

  • Van der Hooght/Schmidius Biblia Hebraica (1740) - Swedenborg's primary study Bible. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Schmidt Bible (1696 Edition), in Latin, Part 1 of 2 (with Swedenborg's handwritten annotations) - Swedenborg made many annotations in his copy of the 1696 Schmidius Latin Bible, probably when doing doctrinal study. This scan includes those marginal handwritten notes. More information at

  • Schmidt Bible (1696 Edition), in Latin, Part 2 of 2 (with Swedenborg's handwritten annotations) - More information at

  • The Schmidius Marginalia - In this book, Swedenborg's handwritten Latin annotations in the margins of his Schmidius Bible (1696 Latin Edition) have been translated into English typescript. It includes expository material from his Bible Index. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • 1697 Schmidius Bible - This Bible edition came a year later than the 1696 edition that Swedenborg used, so it's very close. It's useful for research in the books of the Bible that Swedenborg did not annotate. Sometimes he quotes or alludes to verses in those books, and it can be useful to know what Schmidt's wording is. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Castellio Bible (scans) - The Castellio Bible in Latin, translated by Sebastian Castellio (in French, Sébastien Châteillon), was sometimes used by Swedenborg as a reference. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

  • Castellio Bible (photographs) - The Castellio bible on

  • Tremellius Bible - The Tremellius Bible in Latin, translated by Immanuel Tremellius. In latter parts of his work The Word Explained, when Swedenborg refers to another translator, it is usually to Tremellius. This public domain book was scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

Swedenborg's Early Theological Studies

Other Tools

Protestant and Catholic Documents to which Swedenborg Refers

Just for ease of reference, here are links to some Protestant and Catholic church documents that Swedenborg used as sources for his arguments that the Christian church had made serious doctrinal errors.

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Novinky projektu:

Four Doctrines updated in Korean September 12, 2019:

We've just deployed nice updates to the Korean translations of Swedenborg's works regarding Faith, Life, the Lord, and the Sacred Scripture, thanks to some hard work by YoungHee. Here's a "link". It makes these translations a lot more readable.

Word/Phrase Highlighting: Report September 9, 2019:

We've been working hard on a more advanced, more accurate way of highlighting words in the Bible text that have symbolic meaning at deeper levels. Readers are going to start seeing the fruits of that. We just added 1611 new English terms, and updated 627 more. Next up is French. Stay tuned! If this method works, we'll be able to do every language that has spaces between words -- so we'll have to find another way to achieve highlighting in Japanese and Chinese.

Korean UI Upgrade 9/2/2019:

Of course it's no good having Korean translations online if you can't read the website they're on. We've just deployed a big update to our Korean UI text, too, thanks to some hard work by Woon Jeong. Here's a "link". When, for each language we try to support, we can combine a good UI, a good Bible translation, good translations of Swedenborg's works, and good explanations of stories, chapters, topics, words, etc., then we're really cooking.

A Korean Translation of True Christian Religion 9/2/2019:

We just posted a Korean translation of Swedenborg's capstone theological work, True Christian Religion. Here's a link: "참된 기독교 ". Many thanks to Rev. Yang for his permission to use it, and to HyunJin and YoungHee for their hard work in editing and marking up the text. For our thousands of Korean readers, this is important progress!

A Dutch Translation of Arcana Coelestia 9/2/2019:

We just finished importing Henk Weevers' Dutch translation, "De hemelse Verborgenheden die in de Heilige Schrift of het Woord van de Heer". Many thanks to our friends in the Netherlands for their permission to use this, and for their great labor of translation. Also, special thanks to Ellie for sticking to the task of making thousands of edits to the markup. This translation goes up to section 6626, so far, out of 10083 sections, so there will be more to come... but for Dutch readers, this is already a huge milestone in being able to see into the inner meaning of the Bible.

Japanese Translation of DLW 8/20/2019:

We finished marking up and importing "神の愛と知恵", a Japanese translation of Swedenborg's, "Divine Love and Wisdom". Many thanks to our friends in Japan for helping with this.

German 8/15/2019:

Tired of Romance Languages? Want some German for a change? Here's Jüngsten Gericht - Fortsetzung (Continuation of The Last Judgment).

More Spanish! 8/14/2019:

Just translated - Exposición Breve de la Doctrina de la Nueva Iglesia, or "A Brief Exposition of New Church Doctrine".

Prophets and Psalms 8/8/2019:

In the early 1760's, Swedenborg went through the process of outlining the inner meaning of all the books of the prophets, and the psalms. He didn't publish this outline, but it squares well with his other expository works. Here's a link to it in Latin. And in English.

More Italian! 8/7/2019:

Here are translations of Swedenborg's writings about the Last Judgment, "Ultimo Giudizio" and "Ultimo Giudizio (Supplemento)".

NJHD in Japanese 8/5/2019:

We've been a little slow in getting Japanese translations of Swedenborg's works linked up and online - apologies to our Japanese readers! It's moving faster now; here's a link to 匿名の翻訳, or "The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine".

Divine Providence in Italian 7/29/2019:

We've been on an Italian tear... and here's the latest Swedenborg translation to be linked up: "Divina Provvidenza". Hint: It's not random.

Conjugial Love in Japanese 7/28/2019:

We finished marking up and importing "結婚愛", a Japanese translation of Swedenborg's 1768 work, "Conjugial Love". Many thanks to our friends in Japan for helping with this.

Have Faith. In Italian. 7/26/2019:

And... to cap off a productive week, here's a link to "Teachings about Faith" (aka Doctrine of Faith) or, in Italian, Fede.

La Dolce Vita! 7/26/2019:

Here's a link to "Teachings about How to Live" (aka Doctrine of Life) or, in Italian, Vita. It's a nice language; even you English readers out there will enjoy trying to read it.

Progress in Chinese and Japanese 7/24/2019:

Here's a link to a first installment of Arcana Coelestia, as translated into Chinese: 天堂的奥秘. And, following the Asian theme for the day, here's a link to a new online translation of Conjugial Love, in Japanese: 結婚愛.

AE with cross-ref links 7/18/2019:

We've had John Whitehead's English translation of "Apocalypse Explained" online for quite a while, but now, at last, it's been cleaned up, and had its links checked. It has thousands of scripture references, so... if you like your explanations to be grounded in the Bible, this will keep you happy!

Apocalipse Revelado 7/18/2019:

Portuguese readers can now read the Bible side by side with Swedenborg's detailed explanation of the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation, in "Apocalipse Revelado". The translation is by J. Lopes Figueiredo. Many thanks to our friends in Brazil for their permission to use it, and to our student workers who scanned it, and corrected it, and then linked it.

A UI Upgrade! 6/26/2019:

We've been making a bunch of code changes so that we can use the latest version of Bootstrap, which one of the best sets of user interface components for the web. You'll probably notice some small changes now, and more coming down the pike, as we take advantage of the new tools.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker... 6/25/2019:

Swedenborg explains the inner meaning of more than 3000 words and phrases from the Bible. We've been trying to build a chain of data, from a word, to its explanation. Last year, we did the easiest layer, but we realized that we'd have to get more sophisticated if we wanted to go further. This year, we're tackling that. We just went through another layer, and matched 100 more concepts. We think we're on a good track. If we can make this happen, it will be a big watershed for the project.

Importing 6/22/2019:

We're in that summer surge of importing translations of Swedenborg's works, trying to get further through the pile of existing translations. So far, so good!

Latin cleanup 6/10/19:

We just linked up one of Swedenborg's Latin works, "Canones Novae Ecclesiae". It's part of our quest to get all of the original texts of Swedenborg's theological works online and linked up.

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