Arcana Coelestia #0

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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ARCANA CAELESTIA, quae in Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo Domini detecta sunt, continentur in explicatione, quae SENSUS INTERNUS Verbi est,; de quo sensu qualis sit, videantur quae de illo ab experientia ostensa sunt, n. 17671777; n. 18691879; et praeterea in contextu, n. 15, 6466, 167, 605, 920, 937, 1143, 1224, 1404, 1405, 1408, 1409, 1502 fin, 1540, 1659, 1756, 1783, 1807.

MIRABILIA, quae visa in mundo spirituum et in caelo angelorum, cuivis capiti praemissa et subnexa sunt: in Parte hac Prima.

1 De Resuscitatione Hominis a mortuis, et introitu ejus in vitam aetrnam, n. 168181. 1

2 De Resuscitati introitu in vitam aeternam, n. 182189.

3 Continuatio de introitu hominis in vitam aeternam, n. 314319.

4 Qualis vita Animae seu Spiritus tunc, n. 320323.

5 Exempla quaedam a Spiritibus, quid cogitaverint in vita corporis de Anima aut Spiritu, n. 443448.

6 De Caelo et Gaudio caelesti, n. 449459.

7 Continuatio de Caelo et Gaudio caelesti, n. 537546.

8 Continuatio de Caelo et Gaudio caelesti, n. 547553.

9 De Societatibus quae Caelum constituunt, n. 684691.

10 De Inferno, n. 692700.

11 De Infernis eorum qui in Odiis, Vindictis et Crudelitate vitam transegerunt, n. 814823.

12 De Infernis eorum qui in Adulteriis et Lasciviis vitam transegerunt; tum de Infernis Dolosorum, et Praestigiatricium, n. 824831.

13 De Infernis Avarorum; et de spurca Hierosolyma, et Latronibus in deserto: tum de Infernis excrementitiis eorum qui in meris Voluptatibus vixeunt, n. 938946.

14 De aliis Infernis, quae a prioribus distincta sunt, n. 947970.

15 De Vastationibus, n. 11061113.

16 De Ecclesia Antiquissima, quae appellata Homo seu Adam, n. 11141129.

17 De Antediluvianis qui perierunt, n. 12651272.

18 De Situ Maximi Hominis, tum de Loco et Distantia in altera vita, n. 12731278.

19 Continuatio de Situ et Loco, ut et de Distantia et Tempore in altera vita, n. 13761382.

20 De Perceptione Spirituum et Angelorum; et de Sphaeris in altera vita, n. 13831400.

21 Continuatio de Perceptionibus, et de Sphaeris in altera vita, n. 15041520.

22 De Luce in qua vivunt Angeli, n. 15211534.

23 Continuatio de Luce in qua vivunt Angeli; deque illorum Paradisiacis et Habitaculis, n. 16191633.

24 De Loquela Spirituum et Angelorum, n. 16341650.

25 Continuatio de Loquela Spirituum et diversitatibus ejus, n. 17571764.

26 De Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo, quod Divina recondat, quae patent coram Spiritibus bonis et Angelis, n. 17671777.

27 Continuatio de Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo, n. 18691879.

— Quaedam de Spiritibus et Angelis in genere, n. 18801885.


Background Notes:

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote “Arcana Coelestia”, in Latin, between 1748 and 1753. It was published in London, England, in eight separate volumes issued from 1749-1756. The publisher was John Lewis.

The work is a thorough, systematic exegesis of the Books of Genesis and Exodus from the Bible, explaining the inner meaning of those ancient texts. Its full title is: Arcana Caelestia : quae in Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo Domini sunt detecta ; nempe quae in Genesi et Exodo uno cum mirabilibus quae visa sunt in mundo spirituum et in caelo angelorum.

Only the first volume of the First Latin Edition was proofread by Swedenborg; volumes 2-8 were printed from a fair copy sent to the printer in England while Swedenborg was in France (in the case of volume 2) and in Sweden (for volumes 3–8). The rough drafts of volumes 2-8 are still extant, since Swedenborg kept them as backups -- the only other copies in the world besides the ones he had entrusted to international package delivery.

A Second Latin Edition was edited by Dr. Johann Friedrich Immanuel Tafel, in the mid 1800s, in Tübingen, Germany.

The Third Latin Edition, which is the source of the text presented here, was published over a period of 24 years, from 1949 until 1973, by the Swedenborg Society in London. It was edited by a series of editors, as detailed here:

Volume 1. Geneseos, cap. I-XV (n. 1-1885). Published in 1949. Edited by P. H. Johnson, assisted by E. C. Mongredien.

Volume 2. Geneseos, cap. XVI-XXI (n. 1886-2759). Published in 1952. Edited by P. H. Johnson, assisted by E. C. Mongredien.

Volume 3. Geneseos, cap. XXII-XXX (n. 2760-4055). Published in 1953. Edited by P. H. Johnson, assisted by E. C. Mongredien.

Volume 4. Geneseos, cap. XXXI-XL (n. 4056-5190). Published in 1956. Edited by P. H. Johnson, assisted by E. C. Mongredien.

Volume 5. Geneseos, cap. XLI-L (n. 5191-6626). Published in 1961. Edited by E. C. Mongredien.

Volume 6. Exodi, cap. I-XV (n. 6627-8386). Published in 1968. Edited by John E. Elliott, Norman Ryder and Erik Sandström.

Volume 7. Exodi, cap. XVI-XXIV (n. 8387-9442). Published in 1971. Edited by John E. Elliott, assisted by Norman Ryder.

Volume 8. Exodi cap. XXV-XL (n. 9443-10837). Published in 1973. Edited by John E. Elliott, assisted by Norman Ryder.

The text of the Third Latin Edition was scanned and OCR’d by the STAIRS Project at the Academy of the New Church, and it was included in a desktop software package, NewSearch in the early 1990's. It was later used in a related online version at The scanning technology available at the time didn’t support Hebrew characters or Greek characters, or italic text, so those features were not preserved in the transition from print to online versions of this edition. Hopefully a future editing will remedy that.

The New Christian Bible Study Project received the text and permission to use it from the Academy of the New Church and the Swedenborg Society. We have imported it into our database and cross-linked it to its many scripture references and internal cross-references, making it widely accessible and easy to compare with other translations.

The editors of the Third Latin Edition, as they worked to compare the Manuscript and the previous Latin additions, made more than 24,000 footnotes. In the printed edition these footnotes used a set of abbreviations to save space, but these abbreviations - while of great use to experienced Swedenborg scholars and translators - are somewhat difficult for newer Latin readers. To reduce the difficulty, the New Christian Bible Study Project has opted to convert the abbreviations back into a less coded and hopefully more accessible set of footnotes. Given the large number of footnotes, the automation of the decoding process, and the difficulty in interpreting some of the abbreviations, there may be errors or notes that don’t read smoothly. If, as a user, you encounter these, we would welcome suggested corrections.

In the Third Latin Edition, John E. Elliot, the editor, added notes for readers, including three to this effect:

1. Swedenborg often omitted parts of verses which didn’t bear on the subject in question. Such omissions have been marked thus: . . .

2. Verse numbers at the end of a quotation frequently include portions not actually quoted, but which contain words relevant to the subject.

3. Where the chapter/verse numbers differ between the Hebrew/Latin Bible that Swedenborg used and those of the Authorised Version (aka the KJV), the latter are inserted thus [KJV 1, 2]. Where the Third Latin Edition uses [A.V. 1, 2], the editors at the New Christian Bible Study Project have used [KJV 1, 2], for increased clarity.

Swedenborg used Roman numerals for citing chapter numbers in the Word. The editors at the New Christian Bible Study Project have opted to convert these chapter numbers to Arabic numbers, for increased clarity and usability.


1. This table of contents is only for the sections that were in the first printed volume (1 of 8 in this edition). For ease of reference, section numbers have been substituted for page numbers in this list of the contents of Volume I.

/ 10837  

This is the Third Latin Edition, published by the Swedenborg Society, in London, between 1949 and 1973.