De Domino #1

By Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 72  


Revelation has been given by the Lord concerning Heaven and Hell, concerning the Last Judgment as having been accomplished, and concerning the spiritual sense of the Word, thus the way to salvation has been revealed, and concerning man's state after death. And this has been done fully and plainly so that everyone who understands the Latin language may know about these matters. It is now a year since this was done, and copies have been distributed. But still the Church pays no heed to it. It is very greatly wondered at in heaven that the Church is in such a state that those things which are its very essentials are not even considered, but are left as matters of no moment, a sign that heavenly things do not occupy their minds at all, neither are they seen when revealed.

/ 72  

Thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.