Joshua 17

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1 και-C γιγνομαι-VBI-AMI3S ο- A--NPN οριον-N2N-NPN φυλη-N1--GSF υιος-N2--GPM *μανασση-N---GS οτι-C ουτος- D--NSM πρωτοτοκος-A1B-NSM ο- A--DSM *ιωσηφ-N---DSM ο- A--DSM *μαχιρ-N---DSM πρωτοτοκος-A1B-DSM *μανασση-N---GS πατηρ-N3--DSM *γαλααδ-N---GS ανηρ-N3--NSM γαρ-X πολεμιστης-N1M-NSM ειμι-V9--IAI3S εν-P ο- A--DSF *γαλααδιτις-N3D-DSF και-C εν-P ο- A--DSF *βασανιτις-N3D-DSF

2 και-C γιγνομαι-VCI-API3S ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *μανασση-N---GS ο- A--DPM λοιπος-A1--DPM κατα-P δημος-N2--APM αυτος- D--GPM ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *ιεζερ-N---GS και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *κελεζ-N---GS και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *ιεζιηλ-N---GS και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *συχεμ-N---GS και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *συμαριμ-N---GS και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *οφερ-N---GS ουτος- D--NPM ο- A--NPM αρσην-A3--NPM κατα-P δημος-N2--APM αυτος- D--GPM

3 και-C ο- A--DSM *σαλπααδ-N---DSM υιος-N2--DSM *οφερ-N---GS ου-D ειμι-V9--IAI3P αυτος- D--DSM υιος-N2--NPM αλλα-C η-C θυγατηρ-N3--NPF και-C ουτος- D--NPN ο- A--NPN ονομα-N3M-NPN ο- A--GPF θυγατηρ-N3--GPF *σαλπααδ-N---GS *μααλα-N---NS και-C *νουα-N---NS και-C *εγλα-N---NS και-C *μελχα-N---NS και-C *θερσα-N---NS

4 και-C ιστημι-VAI-AAI3P εναντιον-P *ελεαζαρ-N---GS ο- A--GSM ιερευς-N3V-GSM και-C εναντιον-P *ιησους-N---GSM και-C εναντιον-P ο- A--GPM αρχων-N3--GPM λεγω-V1--PAPNPF ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM εντελλομαι-VAI-AMI3S δια-P χειρ-N3--GSF *μωυσης-N1M-GSM διδωμι-VO--AAN εγω- P--DP κληρονομια-N1A-ASF εν-P μεσος-A1--DSN ο- A--GPM αδελφος-N2--GPM εγω- P--GP και-C διδωμι-VCI-API3S αυτος- D--DPF δια-P προσταγμα-N3M-GSN κυριος-N2--GSM κληρος-N2--NSM εν-P ο- A--DPM αδελφος-N2--DPM ο- A--GSM πατηρ-N3--GSM αυτος- D--GPF

5 και-C πιπτω-VAI-AAI3S ο- A--NSM σχοινισμος-N2--NSM αυτος- D--GPF απο-P *ανασσα-N---GS και-C πεδιον-N2N-NSN *λαβεκ-N---GS εκ-P ο- A--GSF *γαλααδ-N---GSF ος- --NSF ειμι-V9--PAI3S περαν-P ο- A--GSM *ιορδανης-N1M-GSM

6 οτι-C θυγατηρ-N3--NPF υιος-N2--GPM *μανασση-N---GS κληρονομεω-VAI-AAI3P κληρος-N2--ASM εν-P μεσος-A1--DSN ο- A--GPM αδελφος-N2--GPM αυτος- D--GPF ο- A--NSF δε-X γη-N1--NSF *γαλααδ-N---GSF γιγνομαι-VCI-API3S ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *μανασση-N---GS ο- A--DPM καταλειπω-VP--XMPDPM

7 και-C γιγνομαι-VCI-API3S οριον-N2N-NPN υιος-N2--GPM *μανασση-N---GS *δηλαναθ-N---NSF ος- --NSF ειμι-V9--PAI3S κατα-P προσωπον-N2N-ASN υιος-N2--GPM *αναθ-N---GS και-C πορευομαι-V1--PMI3S επι-P ο- A--APN οριον-N2N-APN επι-P *ιαμιν-N---AS και-C *ιασσιβ-N---AS επι-P πηγη-N1--ASF *θαφθωθ-N---GS

8 ο- A--DSM *μανασση-N---DSM ειμι-VF--FMI3S και-C *θαφεθ-N---NS επι-P ο- A--GPN οριον-N2N-GPN *μανασση-N---GSM ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *εφραιμ-N---GS

9 και-C καταβαινω-VF--FMI3S ο- A--NPN οριον-N2N-NPN επι-P φαραγξ-N3G-ASF *καρανα-N---GS επι-P λιψ-N3B-ASM κατα-P φαραγξ-N3G-ASF *ιαριηλ-N---GS τερεβινθος-N2--NSM ο- A--DSM *εφραιμ-N---DSM ανα-P μεσος-A1--ASN πολις-N3I-GSF *μανασση-N---GS και-C οριον-N2N-NPN *μανασση-N---GS επι-P ο- A--ASM βορεας-N1T-ASM εις-P ο- A--ASM χειμαροος-A1C-ASM και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S αυτος- D--GSN ο- A--NSF διεξοδος-N2--NSF θαλασσα-N1S-NSF

10 απο-P λιψ-N3B-GSM ο- A--DSM *εφραιμ-N---DS και-C επι-P βορεας-N1T-ASM *μανασση-N---GS και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S ο- A--NSF θαλασσα-N1S-NSF οριον-N2N-NPN αυτος- D--DPM και-C επι-P *ασηρ-N---AS συναπτω-VF--FAI3P επι-P βορεας-N1T-ASM και-C ο- A--DSM *ισσαχαρ-N---DSM απο-P ανατολη-N1--GPF

11 και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S *μανασση-N---NSM εν-P *ισσαχαρ-N---DS και-C εν-P *ασηρ-N---DS *βαιθσαν-N---GS και-C ο- A--NPF κωμη-N1--NPF αυτος- D--GPM και-C ο- A--APM καταοικεω-V2--PAPAPM *δωρ-N---AS και-C ο- A--APF κωμη-N1--APF αυτος- D--GSF και-C ο- A--APM καταοικεω-V2--PAPAPM *μαγεδδω-N---AS και-C ο- A--APF κωμη-N1--APF αυτος- D--GSF και-C ο- A--ASN τριτος-A1--ASN ο- A--GSF *ναφετα-N---GSF και-C ο- A--APF κωμη-N1--APF αυτος- D--GSF

12 και-C ου-D δυναμαι-VSI-API3P ο- A--NPM υιος-N2--NPM *μανασση-N---GS εκολεθρευω-VA--AAN ο- A--APF πολις-N3I-APF ουτος- D--APF και-C αρχω-V1I-IMI3S ο- A--NSM *χαναναιος-N2--NSM καταοικεω-V2--PAN εν-P ο- A--DSF γη-N1--DSF ουτος- D--DSF

13 και-C γιγνομαι-VCI-API3S και-C επει-C καταισχυω-VA--AAI3P ο- A--NPM υιος-N2--NPM *ισραηλ-N---GSM και-C ποιεω-VAI-AAI3P ο- A--APM *χαναναιος-N2--APM υπηκοος-N2--APM εκολεθρευω-VA--AAN δε-X αυτος- D--APM ου-D εκολεθρευω-VAI-AAI3P

14 αντιειπον-VAI-AAI3P δε-X ο- A--NPM υιος-N2--NPM *ιωσηφ-N---GSM ο- A--DSM *ιησους-N---DSM λεγω-V1--PAPNPM δια-P τις- I--ASN κληρονομεω-VAI-AAI2S εγω- P--AP κληρος-N2--ASM εις-A3--ASM και-C σχοινισμα-N3M-ASN εις-A3--ASN εγω- P--NS δε-X λαος-N2--NSM πολυς-A1P-NSM ειμι-V9--PAI1S και-C ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM ευλογεω-VA--AAI3S εγω- P--AS

15 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S αυτος- D--DPM *ιησους-N---NSM ει-C λαος-N2--NSM πολυς-A1P-NSM ειμι-V9--PAI2S αναβαινω-VZ--AAD2S εις-P ο- A--ASM δρυμος-N2--ASM και-C εκκαθαριζω-VB--AAD2S σεαυτου- D--DSM ει-C στενοχωρεω-V2--PAI3S συ- P--AS ο- A--NSN ορος-N3E-NSN ο- A--NSN *εφραιμ-N---GS

16 και-C ειπον-VAI-AAI3P ου-D αρκεω-VF--FAI3S εγω- P--DP ο- A--NSN ορος-N3E-NSN ο- A--NSN *εφραιμ-N---GS και-C ιππος-N2--NSM επιλεκτος-A1B-NSM και-C σιδηρος-N2--NSM ο- A--DSM *χαναναιος-N2--DSM ο- A--DSM καταοικεω-V2--PAPDSM εν-P αυτος- D--DSN εν-P *βαιθσαν-N---DSF και-C εν-P ο- A--DPF κωμη-N1--DPF αυτος- D--GSF εν-P ο- A--DSF κοιλας-N3D-DSF *ιεζραελ-N---GS

17 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S *ιησους-N---NSM ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *ιωσηφ-N---GSM ει-C λαος-N2--NSM πολυς-A1P-NSM ειμι-V9--PAI2S και-C ισχυς-N3U-ASF μεγας-A1--ASF εχω-V1--PAI2S ου-D ειμι-VF--FMI3S συ- P--DS κληρος-N2--NSM εις-A3--NSM

18 ο- A--NSM γαρ-X δρυμος-N2--NSM ειμι-VF--FMI3S συ- P--DS οτι-C δρυμος-N2--NSM ειμι-V9--PAI3S και-C εκκαθαριζω-VF2-FAI2S αυτος- D--ASM και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S συ- P--DS και-C οταν-D εκολεθρευω-VA--AAS2S ο- A--ASM *χαναναιος-N2--ASM οτι-C ιππος-N2--NSM επιλεκτος-A1B-NSM ειμι-V9--PAI3S αυτος- D--DSM συ- P--NS γαρ-X υπερισχυω-V1--PAI2S αυτος- D--GSM

Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 17      

Napsal(a) Rev. Julian Duckworth

Joshua 17: The tribe of Manasseh receives the western half of its territory.

The previous chapter (Joshua 16) dealt with the territory given to Ephraim, Manasseh’s younger brother; this one covers the western half of Manasseh (the other half tribe of Manasseh was bound to live across the Jordan).

Interestingly, this chapter mentions many people by name, instead of only describing locations as we’ve seen before. Verses 1 and 2 list all seven of Manasseh’s sons and their families. Then verse 3 mentions Zelophehad, the great-grandson of Manasseh, who had had five daughters, but no sons. When Zelophehad died on the journey through the wilderness, his daughters came to Joshua to claim the inheritance Moses had promised them (see Numbers 27). So, both the sons and daughters of Manasseh’s family received land.

After the area given to Manasseh was outlined, the people of Ephraim and Manasseh came to Joshua and complained that they deserved more land, because of their important standing among the tribes of Israel (verse 14). They claimed that they had been specially blessed, and should receive much more.

Joshua told them that if they were such a great people, they should go to the forest country and seize land from the Perrizites and the giants living there. The people were not pleased, and told Joshua that the Canaanites who still roamed there were strong, and had chariots of iron. Even so, Joshua told them again to cut down the wood and use it, because they would eventually be able to drive out the Canaanites.

The spiritual meaning of this story is all about the relationship between good and truth. Again, there are many names to indicate the geography of the area of “West Manasseh”, and the meaning of these names very often links in with the spiritual meaning of the tribe. Beyond that, the specific area in Canaan given to a tribe is spiritually important. Ephraim and Manasseh are right in the middle of the land because they stand for truth and good, for truth leading to good, for good coming from truth.

The story about Zelophehad’s five daughters also relates to the place of truth and good. This is because sons stand for truths, often for truths which fight for us during our temptations, while daughters stand for the good in our spiritual life which bears ‘children’ (see Swedenborg’s work, Arcana Caelestia 8993 [3,4]).

Verses 5 and 6 describe this union of good and truth very beautifully: “Ten portions were given to Manasseh because the daughters of Manasseh received an inheritance among his sons; and the rest of Manasseh’s sons had the land of Gilead.” It is worth noting here that the spiritual meaning of the number ‘ten’ has to do with wholeness, and also ‘remains,’ or memories, which the Lord imparts to us when we are very young (Arcana Caelestia 4638).

When the people of Ephraim and Manasseh complained to Joshua, it is much like us wanting our spiritual life to be easy. We want it to be something given to us, and not something which we will need to work on and even fight for in ourselves.

Finally, the meaning of using wooden chariots to fight the Canaanites means to fight from our love of what is good. This is because wood corresponds to good, since it is alive and has grown. ‘Iron’ here stands for the harshness of truth without any good, which appears invincible, but in reality is weaker than the power of goodness and love (Arcana Caelestia 426[3]).

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