Deuteronomy 8:8



8 γη-N1--NSF πυρος-N2--GSM και-C κριθη-N1--GSF αμπελος-N2--NPF συκη-N1--NPF ροα-N1--NPF γη-N1--NSF ελαια-N1A-GSF ελαιον-N2N-GSN και-C μελι-N3T-GSN

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 8. A state in which the natural mind will be well stored and endowed with good desires from heaven, both in interior and exterior things, and the understanding be recruited with truths both as to spiritual and natural things, and with all useful knowledges for the regenerate life; a state abounding with pure and holy affections received from the Creator, and with all the delights that spring therefrom;

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