Amos 5:14

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German: Luther (1545)         

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14 Suchet das Gute und nicht das Böse, auf daß ihr leben möget, so wird der HERR, der Gott Zebaoth, bei euch sein, wie ihr rühmet.

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der Propheten und der Psalmen Davids 205

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References from Swedenborg's unpublished works:

Apocalypse Explained 573

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'Wickedness' signifies evil, and 'iniquity' signifies falsities.

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The Lord is love itself, expressed in the form of wisdom itself. Love, then, is His essence, His inmost. Wisdom - the loving understanding of...

Armies of the heavens and the sands of the sea ('Jeremiah 33:15-22') signify the knowledges of truth and good in the spiritual and natural ma{ign21}