1 Kings第18章:23



23 δοτωσαν ημιν δυο βοας και εκλεξασθωσαν εαυτοις τον ενα και μελισατωσαν και επιθετωσαν επι των ξυλων και πυρ μη επιθετωσαν και εγω ποιησω τον βουν τον αλλον και πυρ ου μη επιθω


原作者: Henry MacLagan

Verse 23. And therefore now, the state of the good and of the evil, as to their natural affections, is to be explored; and this takes place, during judgment, first with the wicked, who are let into their own natural loves, in perfect freedom: subordinate powers being arranged in order under the ruling love; while each acts from the merit of his own good, or as from himself; he yet being forbidden to ascribe to himself Divine Love. Also the same process is to take place with the good.