Arcana Coelestia # 1701

Ni Emanuel Swedenborg

Pag-aralan ang Sipi na ito

/ 10837  

1701. That 'one who had escaped came and told it to Abram the Hebrew' means that the Lord perceived from His Interior Man is clear from the meaning of 'Abram the Hebrew' as the Interior Man when joined to the Internal Man, dealt with just below. As in the internal sense these descriptions have reference to the Lord, and the historical details are representative, it is evident that 'one who had escaped came and told it' means nothing else than that the Lord perceived. The Interior Man perceives what is going on in the External Man, just as if someone were to tell of that activity. The Lord, who had a perception of all things that were taking place, knew very clearly the nature and the origin of the things that were occurring with Himself. For example, if something evil was taking possession of the affections of the External Man or if something false was taking possession of its cognitions, He inevitably knew the nature and the origin of it. He even knew which evil spirits were activating those things and how they did it, and many other things besides. For matters such as these, and countless others, do not lie hidden from angels, and scarcely so from men who have celestial perception. Still less were they hidden from the Lord.

/ 10837  

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