Arcana Coelestia

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This work explains the inner meaning of Genesis and Exodus. Chapter overviews are underpinned by analysis of the symbolism of Bible words.

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Hoc est opus in Genesi et Exodo continentur quoad sensum internum evolvantur. CAPUT overviews underpinned sunt, per analysis de arte symbolica docendos verborum biblicorum.

Vytvořeno nebo přeloženo: Emanuel Swedenborg

Datum vytvoření: 1748-1753

Kredit: This is the Third Latin Edition, published by the Swedenborg Society, in London, between 1949 and 1973.

Autorská práva: Swedenborg Society

Copyright 1949-1973. All rights reserved by the Swedenborg Society. Used here with permission.

Licence: Used with permission - viz podmínky

O: The original Latin edition was published in eight volumes, between 1748 and 1753.

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