Amanani 17

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1 Wathetha uYehova kuMoses, esithi,

2 Thetha koonyana bakaSirayeli, uthabathe kubo iintonga: intonga ngokwendlu yooyise, kwiinkulu zabo zonke ngokwezindlu zooyise, iintonga ezilishumi elinambini, ubhale igama lalowo nalowo entongeni yakhe.

3 Wobhala igama lika-Aron entongeni yakwaLevi; kuba yoba nye intonga yentloko yendlu yooyise.

4 Uze uzibeke ententeni yokuhlangana phambi kwesingqino, apho ndihlangana nani khona.

5 Kothi indoda endinyule yona, intonga yayo idubule; ndikuphelise phambi kwam ukukrokra koonyana bakaSirayeli, ababenikrokrela ngako.

6 Wathetha ke uMoses koonyana bakaSirayeli; zonke iinkulu zabo zamnika iintonga nganye, intonga yanye kwinkulu, ngokwezindlu zooyise, zalishumi elinambini iintonga. intonga ka-Aron yabe iphakathi kweentonga zazo.

7 Wazibeka uMoses iintonga phambi koYehova, ententeni yesingqino.

8 Kwathi ngengomso, wangena uMoses ententeni yesingqino; nantso intonga ka-Aron, wendlu kaLevi, idubule yaphuma amathupha, yatyatyamba iintyantyambo, zavuthwa iiamangile.

9 Waphuma uMoses neentonga zonke, evela kuYehova weza nazo koonyana bonke bakaSirayeli. Bakhangela, bathabatha elowo intonga yakhe.

10 Wathi uYehova kuMoses, Yibuyisele intonga ka-Aron phambi kwesingqino igcinwe, ukuba ibe ngumqondiso kwabaneenkani, ukuphelise ukukrokra kwabo phambi kwam, bangafi.

11 Wenza ke uMoses; njengoko uYehova abemwisele umthetho, wenjenjalo.

12 Bathetha oonyana bakaSirayeli kuMoses, bathi, Yabona, siyabhubha, siyaphela, siyaphela sonke.

13 Bonke abasondelayo, abasondela emnqubeni kaYehova, baya kufa. Siya kubhubha sigqibele na?

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Explanation of Numbers 17      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-6. Revelation is made, that the power of truth is manifested according to the good from which it proceeds; that the quality of celestial love is manifested in celestial truth, and that of spiritual love in spiritual truth; that all truths are derived from Divine Good; that truth conjoined with good is powerful in good works; and that he who is in this state is no longer in temptation.

Verses 7-9. Again: all truths are acknowledged to be from the Lord through the celestial heavens; and hence when man enters into interior states through the reception of good, his truths are conjoined with good, and particularly is celestial good conjoined with its truth, thereby producing the fructification of good and truth, in successive degrees, in all the heavens; and hence it is made manifest that every one has truths in their power, according to his good from the Lord.

Verses 10-13. And revelation is therefore made that celestial truth from celestial good is inmost truth, in which is all power to govern lower truths; and the spiritual man thence confesses that, from himself he is without good and without truth; and that he who, from himself, presumes to approach the Lord in worship, must inevitably suffer spiritual death.


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