Numbers 9

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1 And Jehovah spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the first month in the second year after they were come·​·out of the land of Egypt, saying,

2 Let the sons of Israel then make the Passover at its appointed·​·time.

3 In the fourteenth day in this month, between the two·​·evenings*, you shall make it in its appointed·​·time; according·​·to all its statutes, and according·​·to all its judgments, you shall make it.

4 And Moses spoke to the sons of Israel, that they should make the Passover.

5 And they did the Passover on the fourteenth day on the first of the month between the two·​·evenings in the wilderness of Sinai; according·​·to all that Jehovah commanded Moses, so the sons of Israel did.

6 And there were certain men, who became unclean by the soul of man*, and they were· not ·able to make the Passover on that day; and they came·​·near before Moses and before Aaron on that day:

7 and those men said to him, We are unclean because of the soul of man; why are we diminished, that we may not offer an offering of Jehovah in its appointed·​·time in the midst of the sons of Israel?

8 And Moses said to them, Stand, and I will hear what Jehovah will command as·​·to you.

9 And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying,

10 Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, If a man, any man of you or of your generations, when he be unclean as·​·to the soul, or be on the way far·​·off, yet he shall make the Passover to Jehovah.

11 In the second month, in the fourteenth day, between the two·​·evenings they shall make it, and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

12 They shall leave none of it to the morning, nor break a bone of it; according·​·to all the statutes of the Passover they shall make it.

13 But the man, he who is clean, and is not on the way*, and forbears to do the Passover, then that soul shall be cut·​·off from his people, for he offered not the offering of Jehovah in its appointed·​·time; that man shall bear his sin.

14 And when a sojourner shall sojourn with you, then he will make the Passover to Jehovah; according·​·to the statute of the Passover, and according·​·to its judgment, so shall he do; there shall be one statute for you, and for the sojourner, and for the native of the land.

15 And on the day that the Habitation was raised·​·up the cloud covered the Habitation of the Tabernacle of the testimony; and in the evening there was upon the Habitation as·​·it·​·were the appearance of fire, until the morning.

16 So it was continually; the cloud covered it by day, and the appearance of fire by night.

17 And when* the cloud was made to go·​·up from on the Tabernacle, then after·​·that the sons of Israel journeyed; and in the place where the cloud inhabited, there the sons of Israel encamped.

18 By the mouth of Jehovah the sons of Israel journeyed, and by the mouth of Jehovah they encamped; all the days that the cloud abided upon the Habitation* they encamped.

19 And when the cloud was·​·long upon the Habitation many days, then the sons of Israel kept the charge of Jehovah, and journeyed not.

20 And it·​·was that the cloud was a number of days on the Habitation; by the mouth of Jehovah they encamped, and by the mouth of Jehovah they journeyed.

21 And it·​·was, that the cloud was there from evening until morning, and the cloud was made to go·​·up in the morning, and they journeyed; either by·​·day or by night, and the cloud was made to go·​·up, and they journeyed.

22 Or whether two·​·days, or a month, or many days, when the cloud was·​·long on the Habitation, abiding thereon, the sons of Israel encamped, and journeyed not; but when it was made to go·​·up, they journeyed.

23 By the mouth of Jehovah they encamped, and by the mouth of Jehovah they journeyed; they kept the charge of Jehovah, by the mouth of Jehovah by the hand of Moses.

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Explanation of Numbers 9      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. On the conjunction and appropriation of good and truth with man in a state of obscurity, when faith is in its prime and is sanctified by love, on account of deliverance from evil and falsity.

Verses 6-12. On the cause of non-conjunction and non-appropriation, and the remedy.

Verses 13-14. The consequence of neglect; and provision for those in the external church.

Verses 15-23. Concerning revelation from the Lord by the Word; and also concerning states of progress and of rest according to the Word.


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The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

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'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

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Since the light and warmth of the sun represent the Lord’s wisdom and love, it makes sense that evening, a time when the light and...

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'Near,' in the Word, signifies presence and conjunction. 'To be near' signifies being on internal levels. Near,' as in Genesis 19:20, signifies truth bordering upon...

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'Middle' denotes what is primary, principal, or inmost.

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'To hearken to father and mother,' as mentioned in Genesis 28:7, signifies obedience from affection. 'To hearken,' as mentioned in Genesis 30:22, signifies providence. See...

To command is to give an order that something must be done, and is directed to an individual, or a group. It is an imperative,...

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'To set a way,' as in Genesis 30:36, signifies being separated.

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When we eat, our bodies break down the food and get from it both energy and materials for building and repairing the body. The process...

For something to be “unleavened” means that it's been made without yeast. Since yeast is what makes bread rise and take on its airy texture,...

Morning comes with the rising of the sun, and the sun – which gives life to the earth with its warmth and light – represents...

To “break” something creates an image that is much different from “attacking,” “destroying,” or “shattering.” It is less emotional, less violent in its intent; it...

Bones are strong and supportive, providing a framework for our bodies and making motion and action possible. They are also the least "alive" part of...

To be "pure" in the Bible means - unsurprisingly - to be devoid of evil. Thus all the washing for purification prescribed in the Laws...

Like many verbs, the spiritual meaning of "bearing" something depends greatly on context – what it is that's being borne, and why. It is further...

"Man" is a tricky word to discuss, because the Hebrew of the Old Testament uses six different words that are generally translated as "man," with...

'A sojourner' or 'stranger,' as in Matthew 25:32, signifies someone who is willing to be instructed.

There is a long history of using travel to round out an education, from the 19th-century “world tours” taken by Oxford and Cambridge graduates to...

Judgement' pertains to the Lord's divine human and holy proceeding. Judgment' has two sides, a principle of good, and a principle of truth. The faithful...

A company might have executives setting policy and strategy, engineers designing products, line workers building them, managers handling personnel and others handling various functions. They...

'The sanctuary and habitation' together signify heaven and the church, 'sanctuary' regarding the good of love, and 'tabernacle' regarding truths of that good, because the...

In Isaiah 19:1, "Jehovah rides upon a light cloud, and comes into Egypt", signifies the visitation of the natural man from spiritual-natural Divine Truth, for...

The "high mountains being covered " (Gen. 7:19) signifies that all the good things of charity were extin­guished.

'The tabernacle' has almost the same meaning as 'temple,' that is, in the highest sense, the Lord’s divine humanity, and in a relative sense, heaven...

Fire, in the spiritual sense, can mean both love and hatred depending on the context, just as natural fire can be both comforting in keeping...

The sun in the Bible represents the Lord, with its heat representing His love and its light representing His wisdom. “Daytime,” then, represents a state...

In most cases, "mouth" in the Bible represents thought and logic, especially the kind of active, concrete thought that is connected with speech. The reason...

According to Swedenborg, time and space don’t exist in spiritual reality; they are purely natural things that exist only on the physical plane. This means...

'To journey' signifies the institutes and order of life.

'A dry place,' as in Luke 11:24, signifies states of evil and falsity which are in the life of someone who does the work of...

'Pitch,' as in Genesis 14:10, denotes lusts. 'Burning pitch,' as in Isaiah 34:9, signifies direful fantasies.

"Day" describes a state in which we are turned toward the Lord, and are receiving light (which is truth) and heat (which is a desire...

'Long' and thence to prolong, refer to good.

Intellectual things – ideas, knowledge, facts, even insight and understanding – are more separate and free-standing than emotional things, and it’s easier to imagine numbering...

"Keeping" in the Bible generally has to do with controlling the actual actions of life, though in some cases it can mean holding something away...

In Genesis 27:22, 'voice' relates to truth, and 'hand,' to good.

Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.