Leviticus 6:2



2 εντελλομαι-VA--AMD2S *ααρων-N---DSM και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM αυτος- D--GSM λεγω-V1--PAPNSM ουτος- D--NSM ο- A--NSM νομος-N2--NSM ο- A--GSF ολοκαυτωσις-N3I-GSF αυτος- D--NSF ο- A--NSF ολοκαυτωσις-N3I-NSF επι-P ο- A--GSF καυσις-N3I-GSF αυτος- D--GSF επι-P ο- A--GSN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-GSN ολος-A1--ASF ο- A--ASF νυξ-N3--ASF εως-C ο- A--ASN πρωι-D και-C ο- A--NSN πυρ-N3--NSN ο- A--GSN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-GSN καιω-VC--FPI3S επι-P αυτος- D--GSM ου-D σβεννυμι-VC--FPI3S

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Написано Henry MacLagan

Verse 9. Through influx to those who are in good, and in truths thence derived, concerning the worship of the Lord from pure love, that in every state of obscurity, this love shall be predominant, and also in every state of brightness, by the determination of man as from himself; for love must be constant, and must never be extinguished.