Devarim 13:6



6 כי יסיתך אחיך בן אמך או בנך או בתך או אשת חיקך או רעך אשר כנפשך בסתר לאמר נלכה ונעבדה אלהים אחרים אשר לא ידעת אתה ואבתיך׃

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Написано Alexander Payne

Verse 6. If the hereditary evil that is born with you, and derived from the principles on which you were brought up, or the thoughts and affections which are brought forth from your own natural disposition, or the affection which is joined to your interior will, and is the delight of your life, or the doctrine of truth which you have loved and regarded as your very life, is perceived to be secretly drawing away the soul from the Lord and inducing it to worship other things supremely, and to believe false doctrines which will not accord with your religious life derived from the Word, nor with any genuine good derived from the Lord;

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