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About the Bible

Is the Bible really the Word of God? For thousands of years, it's been preserved, and read, and appreciated. What do we know about it? How do we approach it?

The stories of the Bible are deeply embedded in Western culture. Here's a sampling of stories, to offer an interesting pathway into the Bible.


The Bible contains many "books". Genesis, the first and oldest one, includes stories from an oral tradition that is perhaps 12,000 years old. The first 5 books are said to have been written by Moses - or at least he led or instigated that project. There are books by prophets, and about kings and histories, and the much-loved book of Psalms, and then the Four Gospels, and more.


In a story from the Book of Exodus, Moses receives the Ten Commandments from Jehovah, on Mount Sinai. They are written by the finger of Jehovah, on two tables of stone.