Leviticus 6:21



21 και-C σκευος-N3E-NSN οστρακινος-A1--NSN ου-D εαν-C εψω-VC--APS3S εν-P αυτος- D--DSN συντριβω-VD--FPI3S εαν-C δε-X εν-P σκευος-N3E-DSN χαλκος-N2--DSN εψω-VC--APS3S εκτριβω-VF--FAI3S αυτος- D--ASN και-C εκκλυζω-VF--FAI3S υδωρ-N3T-DSN

Ukuhlaziywa kwaleli vesi  

By Henry MacLagan

Verse 28. But the merely natural affection which was instrumental in such worship shall be separated; and if such natural affection was good from the Lord, it shall be purified from; all falsity and from: all evil.

    Funda incazelo yangaphakathi