True Christian Religion#534

原作者: 伊曼纽尔斯威登堡



534. Those who do not examine themselves are, to use a simile, like sick people whose blood is corrupted by the blockage of the smallest blood-vessels. This leads to atrophy, sluggishness of the limbs and severe chronic illnesses due to the viscosity, stickiness, pungency and acidity of the humours, and thus of the blood. On the other hand, those whose self-examination includes also the intentions of the will resemble those who are cured of such illnesses and recapture the vitality they had when young. Those who examine themselves properly are like ships from Ophir full-laden with gold, silver and precious goods; but before self-examination like ships loaded with refuse, used to carry away the mud and dung of the streets. Those who examine themselves inwardly become like mines with all their faces gleaming with ores containing noble metals; but before they are like stinking swamps full of snakes and poisonous serpents with glittering scales, and of nasty insects with shining wings. Those who do not examine themselves are like dry bones in a valley; but after self-examination like the same bones which the Lord Jehovih endowed with sinews, made flesh grow on them and covered with skin, giving them breath so that they might live (Ezekiel 37:1-14).


Thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.