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Paggawa ng Sense of Things

Ang mga tao ay binigyan ng dalawang pangunahing kakayahan - makatuwiran isip, at kalayaan sa espiritu. Kung mapaunlad natin ang ating katuwiran, magagamit natin nang maayos ang ating kalayaan. Kaya ... mahalaga na maunawaan natin ang mga espirituwal na katotohanan, tulad ng mga naka-link dito.

Is there a God? If not, what would that mean for us? If so, what does THAT mean for us? Doctrine (structured thinking) about the Lord is one of the main things we need to have, if we're to understand how to live our lives. Let's take a look at this fundamental subject.


The human race is evolving and changing. God isn't, but our ability to receive his leading makes it look that way. The stories in the Bible describe different states of religious consciousness - or "churches", from Adam and Eve, to Noah, to Abraham, and then to the Christian church.


It would be awfully nice to "know" that you're saved. A lot of Christians believe that you're saved if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior -- and in a sense that's true. If you REALLY accept Jesus Christ, and you live the way he told us to - shunning evils, loving the Lord, and loving the neighbor - then you're opening yourself to receive his love.