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Be Moral

What does it mean to be moral? To lead a moral life is to be a good citizen, and to act in an honest fashion. But it makes a difference if there's spiritual good underlying it, or not.

What is Evil?

Evil is the inversion of good. It develops when we receive life from the Lord, as all created beings do, and turn it primarily towards ourselves, making our self the main focus. In the process of doing this, we engender fear, hatred and the love of dominating others.

What's Good?

Becoming a "good" person is a process. You invite the Lord into your life and trying to live according to His will instead of your own selfish will.

Love of Self

Imagine a society where everyone is always "looking out for #1".

Chastity - What it Really Is

The modern understanding of chastity isn't really correct.


Being useful. What's meant by that?

I Am Third

This was the guiding philosophy of the great man, and great Chicago Bears running back, Gale Sayers.

Hypocrisy or Simulating?

Sometimes, when someone doesn't live up to their professed standards, we think "there's another hypocrite." Is that fair? The answer is: It depends.


Here are some excerpts from the Bible about forgiveness.