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Interaction of the Soul and Body # 8

Pag-aralan ang Sipi na ito

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8. VI. Those two, heat and light, or love and wisdom, flow conjointly from God into the soul of man; and through this into his mind, its affections and thoughts; and from these into the senses, speech, and actions of the body.

The spiritual influx hitherto treated of by inspired men is that from the soul into the body, but no one has treated of influx into the soul, and through this into the body; although it is known that all the good of love and all the truth of faith flow from God into man, and nothing of them from man; and those things which flow from God flow first into his soul, and through his soul into the rational mind, and through this into those things which constitute the body. If any one investigates spiritual influx in any other manner, he is like one who stops up the course of a fountain and still seeks there perennial streams; or like one who deduces the origin of a tree from the root and not from the seed; or like one who examines derivations apart from their source.

[2] For the soul is not life in itself, but is a recipient of life from God, who is life in Himself; and all influx is of life, thus from God. This is meant by the statement: 'Jehovah God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of lives, and man was made a living soul' (Genesis 2:7). To breathe into the nostrils the breath of lives signifies to implant the perception of good and truth. The Lord also says of Himself, 'As the Father hath life in Himself so hath He also given to the Son to have life in Himself' (John 5:26): life in Himself is God; and the life of the soul is life flowing in from God.

[3] Now inasmuch as all influx is of life, and life operates by means of its receptacles, and the inmost or first of the receptacles in man is his soul, therefore in order that influx may be rightly apprehended it is necessary to begin from God, and not from an intermediate station. Were we to begin from an intermediate station, our doctrine of influx would be like a chariot without wheels, or like a ship without sails. This being the case, therefore, in the preceding articles we have treated of the sun of the spiritual world, in the midst of which is Jehovah God (5); and of the influx thence of love and wisdom, thus of life (6, 7).

(Mga Sanggunian: The Interaction of the Soul and Body 6-7)

[4] That life flows from God into man through the soul, and through this into his mind, that is, into its affections and thoughts, and from these into the senses, speech, and actions of the body, is because these are the things pertaining to life in successive order. For the mind is subordinate to the soul, and the body is subordinate to the mind. The mind, also, has two lives, the one of the will and the other of the understanding. The life of its will is the good of love, the derivations of which are called affections; and the life of the understanding there is the truth of wisdom, the derivations of which are called thoughts: by means of the latter and the former the mind lives. The life of the body, on the other hand, are the senses, speech, and actions: that these are derived from the soul through the mind follows from the order in which they stand, and from this they manifest themselves to a wise man without examination.

[5] The human soul, being a superior spiritual substance, receives influx directly from God; but the human mind, being an inferior spiritual substance, receives influx from God indirectly through the spiritual world; and the body, being composed of the substances of nature which are called matter, receives influx from God indirectly through the natural world.

That the good of love and the truth of wisdom flow from God into the soul of a man conjointly, that is, united into one, but that they are divided by the man in their progress, and are conjoined only with those who suffer themselves to be led by God, will be seen in the following articles.

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   Pag-aralan ang Sipi na ito
Table of Contents
The Interaction of the Soul and Body 1-2 I. There are two worlds: the spiritual world, inhabited by spirits and angels, and the natural world, inhabited by men. 3 II. The spiritual world first existed and continually subsists from its own sun; and the natural world from its own sun. 4 III. The sun of the spiritual world is pure love from Jehovah God, who is in the midst of it. 5 IV. From that sun proceed heat and light; the heat proceeding from it is in its essence love, and the light from it is in its essence wisdom. 6 V. Both that heat and that light flow into man: the heat into his will, where it produces the good of love; and the light into his understanding, where it produces the truth of wisdom. 7 VI. Those two, heat and light, or love and wisdom, flow conjointly from God into the soul of man; and through this into his mind, its affections and thoughts; and from these into the senses, speech, and actions of the body. 8 VII. The sun of the natural world is pure fire; and the world of nature first existed and continually subsists by means of this sun 9 VIII. Therefore everything which proceeds from this sun, regarded in itself, is dead. 10 IX. That which is spiritual clothes itself with that which is natural, as a man clothes himself with a garment. 11 X. Spiritual things, thus clothed in a man, enable him to live as a rational and moral man, thus as a spiritually natural man. 12 XI. The reception of that influx is according to the state of love and wisdom with man. 13 XII. The understanding in a man can be raised into the light, that is, into the wisdom in which are the angels of heaven, according to the cultivation of his reason; and his will can be raised in like manner into the heat of heaven, that is, into love, according to the deeds of his life; but the 14 XIII. It is altogether otherwise with beasts. 15 XIV. There are three degrees in the spiritual world, and three degrees in the natural world, hitherto unknown, according to which all influx takes place. 16 XV. Ends are in the first degree, causes in the second, and effects in the third. 17 XVI. Hence it is evident what is the nature of spiritual influx from its origin to its effects. 18-20
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Ang Bibliya


John 5:26

Pag-aralan ang Malalim na Kahulugan


26 For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;

   Pag-aralan ang Malalim na Kahulugan

Explanation of John 5      

Ni Rev. John Clowes M.A.

Explaining the Inner Meaning of John 5

Verses 5:1, 2. That the Lord, as to his humanity, initiated himself into the doctrine of the church, which was in connection with the knowledges of good and truth derived from the Word, thus with truths introductory to good.

Verse 5:3. Which truths are imparted to all those who are made sensible of their natural infirmities and disorders, whether arising from a defect, of intelligence, or from intelligence not yet formed into life, or from faith separate from charity, and thus produce vivification through acknowledgement and faith.

Verse 5:4. And this in consequence of divine influx, so that whoever receives the knowledges of good and truth with his supreme affection, or love, experiences purification from evil, and restoration of spiritual life.

Verses 5:5, 6, 7, 8. Yet some, by reason of the unsettled state of their wills, make slower progress in purification than others, until they are excited to exploration of their secret purposes and intentions, and have their affections and thoughts thereby elevated, so as to live according to the truth.

Verse 5:9. In which case they also are restored to the life of heaven, whilst the doctrine, in which they believe, is elevated to that life, so as to influence their lives, and thus introduce them into a state of eternal rest and peace.

Verses 5:10, 11. That they, who are of the perverted church, are offended on this occasion, and are instructed that all elevation of doctrine to conjunction with the life of heaven is an effect resulting from the divine love of the Lord, in his Divine Humanity.

Verses 5:12, 13. Hence they are led to seek knowledge concerning that Divine Humanity, but are not permitted, by reason of the evils and falsities in which they are principled, to attain such knowledge.

Verse 5:14. That they, who are purified from evils and falsities, are cautioned against the danger of profanation, which consists in turning back again to such evils and falsities.

Verse 5:15. Being therefore thus cautioned, they bear testimony to the Lord's Divine Humanity, as being the only source, of all spiritual and eternal life.

Verse 5:16. But are opposed in this testimony by those of the perverted church, who abide in representative worship, and do not discern how all representatives had reference to the union of the Divine and Human nature in the Lord.

Verse 5:17. Wherefore these latter are instructed, that the union of the two natures is effected reciprocally.

Verse 5:18. But this instruction only excites more of evil, being perversely interpreted as tending not only to destroy all representative worship, but also to confound divinity with humanity, and humanity with divinity.

Verse 5:19. Therefore they are further instructed, that divine truth can do nothing of itself, but from the divine good, and thus divine truth in the Lord's humanity always operates in conjunction and agreement with divine good in his divinity.

Verse 5:20. And this in consequence of the divine love, which manifests to its humanity all its purposes, until its humanity is fully glorified, or made divine, that so mankind may be led to adoration.

Verse 5:21. And also to the discovery, that by virtue of such glorification, the humanity receives from the divinity the power of imparting spiritual life, and thus of delivering man from the power of evil.

Verse 5:22. Also the power of arranging the several principles of the human mind, and thus of separating the evil from the good, which cannot be effected by the divine good alone without the divine truth.

Verse 5:23. To the intent that thus the Humanity of the Lord may always be seen in union with his divinity, and regarded as an equal object of worship and adoration, since otherwise the divinity itself cannot be worshipped and adored.

Verse 5:24. They therefore, who obey the divine truth, and approach the Lord in his Divine Humanity, are admitted into heaven, and never separating truth from good, are raised from a state of damnation to a state of salvation.
For since the assumption of the Human [principle] by the Divine, all who are in ignorance may learn the truths of faith, and may thus be gifted with spiritual life.

Verse 5:26. Inasmuch as the internal of the Lord being Jehovah, his Humanity has independent and underived life, alike with his divinity.

Verse 5:27. And has also the power of separating evil from good, and thus of arranging all goods and truths, as being itself the supreme truth.

Verses 5:28, 29. So that at his appearing even natural men shall be instructed in the divine truth, and if they obey it, shall attain spiritual life; but if they be disobedient, shall immerse themselves in spiritual death.

Verse 5:30. For the Humanity of the Lord operates solely from the divinity in itself, and is thus in divine truth from divine good, because in all things it exalts the divine good.

Verses 5:31, 32. Therefore divine truth claims no authority to itself separate from divine good, but only in union with that good.

Verses 5:33, 34. Neither does it claim authority from human testimony, but from its own divine power of communicating spiritual life.

Verse 5:35. Yet the testimony of man in favour of the divine truth is grounded both in good and truth, and has a tendency to impart to others those heavenly principles.

Verse 5:36. Nevertheless the glorification of the Lord's Humanity, the subjugation of the hells, and the consequent redemption of mankind, are the fullest proofs that the Lord is one with Jehovah.

Verse 5:37. Thus the divine good, which in itself is invisible, testifies that it is made visible in the Divine Humanity, which it assumed for that purpose.

Verse 5:38. But this is not believed by those, who are not enlightened and enlivened by the truth of that good.

Verse 5:39. Therefore all such are exhorted to explore the Holy Word which contains that truth, and which testifies throughout concerning the assumption and glorification of the Lord's Humanity.

Verse 5:40. Nevertheless they, who are of the perverted church, will not draw near to and abide in that Humanity, although there is no other source of good and of truth.

Verses 5:41, 42. Which Humanity testifies that it is purely Divine, and that they who reject it have no genuine affection of truth.

Verse 5:43. Therefore they do not approach the Eternal in his Divine Humanity, because they believe the truth to be unconnected with that its divine source.

Verse 5:44. And this in consequence of exalting human authority above the authority of divine truth.

Verses 5:45, 46, 47. So that even the truth of the Word, which they profess to believe, condemns them, since that truth testifies concerning the Lord's Divine Humanity, and therefore if its testimony be not admitted, the Lord's Divine Humanity cannot be acknowledged.

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