Spiritual Experiences # 3963

Ni Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 6110  

3963. What kind of spirits were with me

It was as if the spirits with me were in the world, which was not the case when they were with other people. For with me they have been not only like earthlings as to their inclinations and memory, but also as to their senses, so that they imagined themselves to be entirely as if in the world, or to have returned into the world. They were able to lead me, to see through my eyes, to hear through my ears others speaking - even, if it was permitted, to speak with them in their own language, to write to them in their own style - but it was not permitted them to touch others by my hands,

With other it was different, for the state with me was so altered by the Lord that I could be possessed by spirits and yet they could do me no harm at all, as when others are obsessed and then lost their minds, whereas I was entirely myself as before, mixing socially as before, for the space of several years, with no noticeable difference. So one who has faith, is able to be in this state of mind, and by no means any others, for they would perish instantly.

The world at this day is such that those possessed run the risk of losing their life - such inward hatred today prevails. 1748, 13 Nov.

/ 6110  

Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.