Psalms 23:3



3 My soul He refresheth, He leadeth me in paths of righteousness, For His name's sake,

Puna sa talatang ito  

Ni Mr. Brian P. David

A Chilean gaucho herding sheep.

In the prior verse, we saw the Lord offering peace and instruction to those who would follow him. In this verse, we begin to see where the Lord wants to take us.

To restore someone's soul means setting their spiritual life in order, with the motivations in the proper places. The Lord's leading means an acknowledgement that he is drawing us toward heaven at all times, in all ways. A "path" means an understanding of what we are supposed to do, and "righteousness" means that we are motivated by the love of others, the love of the neighbor. "Name," finally, represents someone's whole character, their actual qualities.

If we follow the Lord, then, we will learn first. When the time is right the Lord will start working inside us, setting our spiritual motivations in order and planting inside us a true love of serving others. It is then up to us to follow his teachings, acting out of love for the neighbor, and doing it because we know it is the Lord's will.