Deuteronomy 8:15



15 ο- A--GSM αγω-VB--AAPGSM συ- P--AS δια-P ο- A--GSF ερημος-N2--GSF ο- A--GSF μεγας-A1--GSF και-C ο- A--GSF φοβερος-A1A-GSF εκεινος- D--GSF ου-D οφις-N3I-NSM δακνω-V1--PAPNSM και-C σκορπιος-N2--NSM και-C διψα-N1S-NSF ου-D ου-D ειμι-V9--IAI3S υδωρ-N3--NSN ο- A--GSM εκαγω-VB--AAPGSM συ- P--DS εκ-P πετρα-N1A-GSF ακροτομος-A1B-GSF πηγη-N1--ASF υδωρ-N3T-GSN

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Ni Alexander Payne

Verse 15. Who led you through those states of temptation in which there was a great and terrible void of all spiritual sustenance and hope, when the soul was oppressed by evil desires, evil deeds, and delusive errors and longings for a guidance, but where none was to be found (wilderness of the serpent, the flying serpent and the scorpion; of thirst, where there were no waters, Arcana Coelestia 8568); who brought forth the living waters of truth out of the fundamental principle of belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one only God;

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