Leviticus 12:8



8 ἐάν-C δέ-X μή-D εὑρίσκω-V1--PAS3S ὁ- A--NSF χείρ-N3--NSF αὐτός- D--GSF ὁ- A--ASN ἱκανός-A1--ASN εἰς-P ἀμνός-N2--ASM καί-C λαμβάνω-VF--FMI3S δύο-M τρυγών-N3N-APF ἤ-C δύο-M νεοσσός-N2--APM περιστερά-N1A-GPF εἷς-A1A-ASF εἰς-P ὁλοκαύτωμα-N3M-ASN καί-C εἷς-A1A-ASF περί-P ἁμαρτία-N1A-GSF καί-C ἐκἱλάσκομαι-VF--FMI3S περί-P αὐτός- D--GSF ὁ- A--NSM ἱερεύς-N3V-NSM καί-C καθαρίζω-VS--FPI3S

Puna sa talatang ito  

Ni Henry MacLagan

Verse 8. But if the regenerating member of the church is unable in completing life's work to worship the Lord from celestial good, and thus to become an angel of the third heaven, he shall do so from spiritual good, and become an angel of the second or of the ultimate heaven, by the worship of the Lord from charity, and by the removal of evil according to that state. And thus also there will be complete purification.