Ponovljeni Zakon 10:4



4 I napisa na te ploče, kao i prije, Deset riječi koje vam je Jahve rekao na brdu, isred ognja, na dan zbora. Onda ih Jahve dade meni.

Puna sa talatang ito  

Ni Alexander Payne

Verse 4. And the Lord impresses upon the heart thus prepared to receive them the truths necessary to salvation from the Divine Word, according to the first perception, even all that it is necessary for the soul to do, as far as it can receive it, which had been made manifest to the soul when raised to a state of good proceeding from the Divine Love, when the absolute necessity of carrying out the laws of Divine order in the whole life was revealed to every faculty of the mind; and the Lord so impressed the internal man with these truths that they seemed to be his own.