Deuteronomy 24:1



1 If a man takes a wife, and after they are married she is unpleasing to him because of some bad quality in her, let him give her a statement in writing and send her away from his house.

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Ni Alexander Payne

Verse 1. When the interior understanding of truth or perception of good in the soul has through its obscurity become conjoined to some discordant affection of performing uses in the life from the will-principle so that they have made a one; and it comes to pass that the understanding loses all delight in this affection because some difference of inclination (or supposed taint of evil in the latter) is discovered—that is to say, the things loved by the will do not agree with the highest perceptions of the understanding—it is provided that there should be a complete and absolute separation between the things believed in and thought to be right by the understanding and the things loved by the will; and the latter are separated from the interior mind, and have complete freedom from its perceptions:

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