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5545. Note. In the prefaces to the doctrine it is said that there are many things there that are matters to be understood for the reason that angels have understanding when they have wisdom and intelligence; and that it is the person's faculty of understanding that is enlightened by the Lord when he or she reads the Word. Nothing comes directly. The intellect exists for the purpose of receiving the truths that pertain to faith, and the will exists for the purpose of receiving the good qualities that pertain to love. And it was said that 1 without such a faculty of understanding, a decision as to what is true could never be made, since on the basis of the Word's literal sense one can draw the conclusion that whatever one proposes to oneself is the truth, as for example that there is fury in Jehovah and it burns down to hell as said in David, 2 and that He rejoices to do evil just as He had rejoiced to do good, Deut. 28:63, and so in very many other places. This is the reason that [in the literal sense] there are things that are to be understood also.


1. At this point in the hand margin appears "N.B"

2. Perhaps a mistake for Moses; cf. Deut. 32:22, De Verbo 12, where the same is said.

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