Deuteronomy 8:9



9 γη-N1--NSF επι-P ος- --GSF ου-D μετα-P πτωχεια-N1A-GSF εσθιω-VF--FMI2S ο- A--ASM αρτος-N2--ASM συ- P--GS και-C ου-D ενδεω-VC--FPI2S ουδεις-A3--NSN επι-P αυτος- D--GSF γη-N1--NSF ος- --GSF ο- A--NPM λιθος-N2--NPM σιδηρος-N2--NSM και-C εκ-P ο- A--GPN ορος-N3E-GPN αυτος- D--GSF μεταλλευω-VF--FAI2S χαλκος-N2--ASM

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By Alexander Payne

Verse 9. A state in which the soul will be plentifully recruited with good from heaven without scarceness, and in which all its spiritual wants will be supplied; a state in which sensual truths (i.e. truths based on the evidence of the senses) will agree with and confirm the truths of faith provided for the natural man, and out of the spiritual things of which you may procure good for your natural life.