Ezechiël 45:14

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14 Aangaande de inzetting van olie, van een bath olie; gij zult offeren het tiende deel van een bath uit een kor, hetwelk is een homer van tien bath, want tien bath zijn een homer.

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The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms 168

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Hemelse Verborgenheden in Genesis 576, 5291, 8468, 10262

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Word/Phrase Explanations

Oil – typically olive oil – was an extremely important product in Biblical times, for food preparation, medicinal ointment and for burning in lamps. As...

Varieties of food in the Bible represent the many ways we experience a desire for good; varieties of drink represent the many ways we can...

Most places in Swedenborg identify “ten” as representing “all,” or in some cases “many” or “much.” The Ten Commandments represent all the guidance we get...

'Tithes,' as in tenths, signifies goods and truths stored up from the Lord in a person’s interior self. These goods are called remains. When these...

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