Spiritual Experiences # 4225

Од стране Емануел Сведенборг
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4225. About those who are eager to possess man

For several days, 2 or 3, I had been with those who desire to possess man, who are the kind that think about nothing else than returning into the world. Their thoughts are worldly and bodily, and they do not know at all what spiritual life is. Their aura is constantly adulterous. They are located high overhead at the back, and they are not only outward spirits, but also inward ones, those who are such being of great number. Their aura is turned as it were into an intestinal aura, and their mental imagery is portrayed to them by intestines, which they dragged along - at which they lamented. Some of them seemed to be like spirits flying hither and thither, desiring with all their might to possess me, but I was preserved by the Lord.

[2] These are the kind who in their life had loved worldly and bodily things, and had feared death, because of the life in the world and in the body, which they had held most dear - the greater part of those of this character having been full grown or elderly persons. Boys or girls who have died are not of this character, because not yet allured by the love of self and of the world, and when they come into the other life, they seem to themselves just to continue their life, so they are not assailed by that love. Such spirits as these [latter] are kept away from people on earth, and are not ever permitted to come to them. 1749, 16 April.

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Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.