Phục truyền luật lệ ký 24:8



8 Hãy coi chừng tai vạ bịnh phung, để gìn giữ làm theo mọi điều mà thầy tế lễ về dòng Lê-vi sẽ giảng dạy các ngươi; các ngươi phải coi chừng mà làm y như ta đã dặn biểu những thầy tế lễ.

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Од стране Alexander Payne

Verse 8. Take heed and beware of the danger of profanation or of sinning against knowledge, and watch diligently against it, and do everything that good from the Lord and the truths that minister thereto shall teach you; as directed by perception or conscience through the Word to the soul, to avoid it. [Note.—The directions about cleansing from leprosy are given in Leviticus 8:0, 14:0, and refer in general to discriminations between profanation from ignorance, and profanation after faith and acknowledgement; and to the cleansing of the soul that is necessary to remove it; that it must be apparently from one's selfhood, though in reality from the Lord; that it must be full and complete, till horror is excited by evil, and till evils are driven without the soul by serious repentance, and till genuine truths are implanted. To simulate a good life in externals, and to will evil internally, is profanation. (See Apocalypse Explained 1045-1064.)

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