1 Kings 18:25



25 και ειπεν ηλιου τοις προφηταις της αισχυνης εκλεξασθε εαυτοις τον μοσχον τον ενα και ποιησατε πρωτοι οτι πολλοι υμεις και επικαλεσασθε εν ονοματι θεου υμων και πυρ μη επιθητε

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Од стране Henry MacLagan

Verse 25. It therefore follows, that it is the dictate of Divine Truth, or the Word, to those who teach falsities from self-love, that they should allow free play to their natural affections, bringing them into agreement with their internals; for they are not in good; also that they should worship from falsities, but not ascribe Divine Love to themselves.