Deuteronomy 8:19



19 και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S εαν-C ληθη-N1--DSF επιλανθανω-VB--AMS2S κυριος-N2--GSM ο- A--GSM θεος-N2--GSM συ- P--GS και-C πορευομαι-VC--APS2S οπισω-P θεος-N2--GPM ετερος-A1A-GPM και-C λατρευω-VA--AAS2S αυτος- D--DPM και-C προςκυνεω-VA--AAS2S αυτος- D--DPM διαμαρτυρομαι-V1--PMI1S συ- P--DP σημερον-D ο- A--ASM τε-X ουρανος-N2--ASM και-C ο- A--ASF γη-N1--ASF οτι-C απωλεια-N1A-DSF αποολλυω-VF2-FMI2P

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Од стране Alexander Payne

Verse 19. And it will certainly come to pass that if you forget the precepts of Divine Love and Wisdom, and follow after falsities proceeding from your own evil heart, and obey them, and worship them as true, the Divine Word now plainly warns you that in this case your spiritual life will perish.

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