Leviticus 12:7



7 καί-C προςφέρω-VF--FAI3S ἔναντι-P κύριος-N2--GSM καί-C ἐκἱλάσκομαι-VF--FMI3S περί-P αὐτός- D--GSF ὁ- A--NSM ἱερεύς-N3V-NSM καί-C καθαρίζω-VF2-FAI3S αὐτός- D--ASF ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSF πηγή-N1--GSF ὁ- A--GSN αἷμα-N3M-GSN αὐτός- D--GSF οὗτος- D--NSM ὁ- A--NSM νόμος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--GSF τίκτω-V1--PAPGSF ἄρσην-A3--ASN ἤ-C θῆλυς-A3U-ASN

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Од стране Henry MacLagan

Verse 7. And in his state of worship the reconciliation or agreement of man with the Lord, or of the External with the Internal, will be effected, because all impurity will be removed. And this is the law of regeneration with regard to the reception, acknowledgement, and realization of truth and of good.