3 Mose 3:2

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2 Und soll seine Hand auf desselben Haupt legen und es schlachten vor der Tür der Hütte des Stifts. Und die Priester, Aarons Söhne, sollen das Blut auf den Altar umhersprengen.

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Од стране Henry MacLagan

Verse 2. And the whole power of the Internal shall be communicated to the External; and the External shall be prepared, by the acknowledgement of the Lord, and influx from Him through the heavens, for such worship; while the conjunction of truth with good shall be effected, and thus conjunction with the Lord.

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Explanation of Leviticus 3      

Од стране Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. The subject of the entire chapter is the worship of the Lord from a state of freedom when regeneration is completed, and also occasionally during regeneration; and such worship from natural good is described

Verses 6-11. Then such worship from the good of innocence involved in charity, or love to the neighbour

Verses 12-16. And lastly, such worship from the good of faith, which is charity manifested through the understanding.

Verse 17. But in every state of the worship of the Lord, no one can appropriate either truth or good as his own independently of the Lord.

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