Leviticus 6:20



20 πας-A3--NSM ο- A--NSM απτομαι-V1--PMPNSM ο- A--GPN κρεας-N3--GPN αυτος- D--GSF αγιαζω-VS--FPI3S και-C ος- --DSM εαν-C επιραντιζω-VC--APS3S απο-P ο- A--GSN αιμα-N3M-GSN αυτος- D--GSF επι-P ο- A--ASN ιματιον-N2N-ASN ος- --NSN εαν-C ραντιζω-VC--APS3S επι-P αυτος- D--ASN πλυνω-VC--FPI3S εν-P τοπος-N2--DSM αγιος-A1A-DSM

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Написано Henry MacLagan

Verse 27. And thus external worship shall be holy from what is internal; and when the holy state of charity is conjoined with truth in such worship, purification from sin shall take place in that holy state.