Leviticus 6:19



19 ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM ο- A--NSM αναφερω-V1--PAPNSM αυτος- D--ASF εσθιω-VF--FMI3S αυτος- D--ASF εν-P τοπος-N2--DSM αγιος-A1A-DSM βιβρωσκω-VC--FPI3S εν-P αυλη-N1--DSF ο- A--GSF σκηνη-N1--GSF ο- A--GSN μαρτυριον-N2N-GSN

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Написано Henry MacLagan

Verse 26. And he who is thus inmostly in good shall then appropriate good externally, it shall be a holy state of worship; and. it shall be appropriated in the natural man, which is derived from the spiritual and celestial man.