Deuteronomium 15:19



19 De primogenitis, quæ nascuntur in armentis, et in ovibus tuis, quidquid est sexus masculini, sanctificabis Domino Deo tuo. Non operaberis in primogenito bovis, et non tondebis primogenita ovium.

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Написано Alexander Payne

Verse 19. All the genuine truths originating in charity in the soul, both those derived from love to the neighbour and those derived from love to the Lord (Arcana Coelestia 3325), shall be ascribed to the Divine Love and Wisdom (Apocalypse Explained 725); you shall not perform your offices to the neighbour, that is, your duties in the world which are taught by those truths, for the sake of self; nor make use of the holy goods and truths of the Church for any selfish end.

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