A Seamless Garment: Study Matthew's Gospel

Joseph's Dream

The story of Jesus’ life on earth is told in a collection of writings known as “The “Gospel” — a singular term which is a translation of the Greek word εὐαγγελίου (euangeliou) meaning “Good News.” When this Greek term was originally translated into Old English, it was expressed by the word “Godspel,” a combination of the two words “God” and “spelian” (to tell). In other words, to “Godspel” is “to tell about God.” Eventually, as the English language evolved, the Old English verb “Godspel” became the noun that we use today to refer to the books that tell the story of Jesus’ life on earth. Those books are called, quite simply, “The Gospel,” and have become synonymous with the idea of “Good News about God.”

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