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What to Do in Your Life?

For each of us, there's a path heading in the right direction, and it's open for us to follow. If we follow it, we will allow the Lord to grow new, good, loves in our hearts, and - in the end - our guiding love will be a love to the Lord, and the neighbor, and we will accept salvation.

What does it mean to be moral? To lead a moral life is to be a good citizen, and to act in an honest fashion. But it makes a difference if there's spiritual good underlying it, or not.


We're born with lots of built-in traits and tendencies. All human beings have some tendencies towards evil -- some selfish loves. They show up pretty early on. Think "the terrible twos". They stay with us, tenaciously. There's part of our minds, too, that can rise above that selfishness, and ask the Lord for the strength to fight those evil loves. When we do that, we start on the road to Regeneration, or Rebirth.


New Christian thought emphasizes processes - the process of shunning evil, the process of learning truths, the process of making yourself develop good habits. One key process - and mindset - is that of being useful.